Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Update from Snap Fitness:

Snap Fitness are taking additional precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all our members and staff – this is our highest priority.

Our clubs remain open during this time and we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We are following the advice provided by the Government.

Snap Fitness is committed to providing our members with a safe and hygienic club to exercise and we are taking this situation extremely seriously. Our teams have been briefed on what actions they need to take, as per government guidance, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

How we're keeping members safe:

We have increased the level of cleaning and hygiene in our gyms, including:

- Increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitisation in our gyms, especially high touch areas.
- Ensuring soap dispensers and hand sanitisers are available at all times and replenished.
- Providing wipes/cleaning products to allow members to self-clean equipment before and after use
- Educating and reminding members and staff of the importance of good hygiene in the gym

If we are notified of any issues in your club, or if another member contracts the virus, we will notify you immediately and undertake a full deep clean of the facility.

What can members do to help?

With the efforts of everyone in Snap Fitness, including our members, let’s work together to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

- Frequent hand washing and hand sanitising during your visits
- Making full use of the soap, sanitisers and cleaning items available
- When coughing or sneezing cover mouth with flexed elbow or tissue. Dispose of the tissue after use
- Minimise direct contact with people within the club
- Familiarise yourself with the most current information from the Government
- If you feel unwell, we ask that you do not attend the club

In addition, if you have travelled to the affected countries within the last 14 days, we recommend you self-quarantine and seek medical assessment.


Snap Fitness aims to provide a safe and healthy place to workout and its important during this time you continue your normal routine to stay fit and healthy. Snap Fitness is delivering high cleanliness and hygiene, and together with its members we will be able to operate as normal.

1. Am I able to cancel or suspend my membership?
Cancellation: Most members are simply suspending their membership during this period if they don’t feel comfortable to workout or unable to attend the club. However, if you wish to cancel your membership, we are able to action this for you in line with our standard cancellation policy.

Suspension: This is the best option for you if you feel uncomfortable to workout or unable to attend the gym. Standard suspension policy applies, please enquire at your local club.

2. What is someone if visibly sick or unwell working out in club?
If someone is working out and visibly unwell, please report to club staff whom will have a conversation with that member(s).

3. What would happen if someone is reported to have COVID-19?
Snap Fitness would be notified by the affected person(s) and/or Department of Health. Snap Fitness would then cease trade at that location, advise other members that may have come in contact with the affected person(s) and conduct a full deep clean to required standards. We expect this process to take around 48 hours and would seek approval to commence trade.

If you have not come in contact with the affected person(s) and whilst any club is closed, we encourage you to workout at any other local Snap Fitness. However if the process was to take more than 48 hours and you don’t have a convenient club to access, we will look at suspending any further membership payments. If this was to occur, we would communicate with the club and its members throughout the process.

We are monitoring the situation closely across all our clubs and should the situation change we shall provide further information in line with the relevant Government advice.