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The Scientist Workout

2020-02-27 | By: Snap Fitness

Want to train like an Angel? Meet Elena, grab your Myzone belt and enjoy her scientific heart rate inspired workout!

Elena is a gifted scientist who wants to solve the world’s problems. While initially naive, she learns quickly. She is determined to do the right thing, no matter the personal cost.

Warm-up – 5 minutes

  • Jog on the treadmill 

The Workout: 


0.00-2.00, Green Heart Rate Zone (Myzone)

Lean away from the TRX, holding a neutral grip. Keep knees, hips and shoulders all in line as you bring your elbows into your side and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then slowly lower yourself until arms are straight again.


2.00-4.00, Red Heart Rate Zone (Myzone)

Jump laterally from side to side. As you land on each leg bend your knee and sink into the ground before driving through the heel and jumping to the opposite side. *Option; Alternating Curtsy Lunge

Bent Over Row

4.00-6.00, Green Heart Rate Zone (Myzone)

Hinge forward until your upper body is parallel with the floor. Keep your tummy tight and back straight. Pull the kettlebells in towards you and keep going until your elbows are just past the midline of your body. Then slowly lower until straight. *Option; Single Arm Bent Over Row on a bench.

Mountain Climber

6.00-8.00, Red Heart Rate Zone (Myzone)

Starting in a straight arm plank position, pull one knee into the chest before straightening it back out. Repeat this movement alternating legs. Keep your tummy tight and core braced throughout. *Option; complete without the medicine ball with knees on the floor.

Reverse Lunge and Bicep Curl

8.00-10.00, Yellow Heart Rate Zone (Myzone)

Take a step backwards and drop your knee to a 90-degree bend. Then drive through your opposite heel as you come back to a standing position, squeezing your bum at the top. Then, keeping your elbows close to your side curl the dumbbells up towards your shoulders before bringing your arms back and down *Option; less range of movement, or remove the lunge.

Shoulder Press

10.00-12.00, Yellow Heart Rate Zone (Myzone)

Standing upright, holding a dumbbell in each hand, bend your elbows and raise your upper arms to shoulder height. Keep your tummy tight and back straight as your push the dumbbells up above your head until they nearly touch. Then slowly lower back to ear level.

TRX Tricep Extension

12.00-14.00, Yellow Heart Rate Zone (Myzone)

With your back to the TRX take a strap over each shoulder and grip the handles. Arms should begin straight, move your feet back until you feel the tension. Lower yourself forward by bending your arm until your hands are next to your forehead. Then straighten your arms out in front of you. *Option; Overhead dumbbell Tricep Extension

Plank Shoulder Taps

14.00-16.00, Green Heart Rate Zone (Myzone)

Starting in a straight arm plank position, alternate as you bring one arm up at a time to tap your shoulder. Left hand will tap right shoulder, then right hand will tap left shoulder. Then repeat. *Option; Complete on your knees.

Cool down/stretch – 5 minutes

  • Standing hamstring stretch - 30 seconds
  • Lunging hip flexor stretch (each side) - 60 seconds
  • Seated groin stretch - 30 seconds
  • Knee to chest stretch (each side) - 60 seconds
  • Lying quad stretch (each side) - 60 seconds
  • Triceps stretch (each side) - 60 seconds

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