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Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Introducing Snap Fitness


Convenient Location

State of the Art Equipment

Club amenities

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Private Bathrooms

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Free Weights

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24 Hour Access


Private Showers


We were attracted to the Snap Fitness brand and the simple business model which allowed us to differentiate ourselves from other operators in the market. I am delighted to say that we are well ahead of our plans for the club. When we opened the Wan Chai club, we set out to change the perception of fitness clubs in Hong Kong. Not only did we introduce Snap Fitness to Hong Kong, we built a club that people would love to visit.

- Jeffrey Parungao

Hong Kong - Wan Chai

Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong



Fitness On Demand™


state-of-the-art facilities

People in Hong Kong want to stay healthy and fit but are concerned about the high prices and services of some of the existing gyms which often deters them from becoming a member. I found people are more receptive to Snap Fitness because of our reasonable and simple pricing, they also find being open 24 hours is a big benefit to them.
Residents of Sai Wan Ho really appreciated a big brand gym opening to service the local area, making access to a world-class gym easy and convenient for the locals. A 24/7 gym is a rather attractive idea in Hong Kong due to sizes of common apartments, space is limited and having a 24-hour gym nearby makes exercising easy and fun.

- Eric Wong

Sai Wan Ho - Hong Kong

Exeter, England, UK

Our MSG Group joined Snap Fitness in its infancy in the UK. We saw an opportunity for the fitness brand to grow and were excited about the passion we met from the executive team at Snap Fitness. The support we receive is exceptionally accommodating and forward-thinking. We’ve received great hands-on training and enjoy working with a team that is open to new views on operations strategy. We operate our franchise group as one family that works together to spread the love for fitness within small communities throughout the UK.

- Maria O'Keefe


Snap Fitness Australia

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Clubs opened per year in Aus

Anyone considering a franchise is looking for a tried and tested business model, which in-turn reduces the risk of the overall investment and has the best chance to allow for the lifestyle they want. Snap Fitness has been a successful business model for me with over 250 locations across Australia and New Zealand. Unlike our competitors, we actually allow some flexibility for size, layout or offerings to suit your local market and personality.

- Ty Menzies

CEO of Lift Brands Aus

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