We're On a Mission

To help people create positive lifestyle habits that make them feel fantastic.

1/ Move your mood

Science Says You Should Feel Great

We believe that exercise should be #ForTheFeeling. ​And we know that moving your body moves your mood! It’s a scientifically proven fact that exercise releases natural mood boosters produced by the brain, including: Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endocannabinoids. 

Choose Goals That Make Sense

Our mission is to help you enjoy these fantastic natural highs. Fitness is not a competition – our only criteria for a good workout is that it makes you feel great!

The Benefits Keep on Giving

Moving more can help reduce stress, improve sleep, beat anxiety and depression, boost self-esteem, improve memory and focus, and elevate your mood.

2/ Simple Makes It Stick

Fitting In Fitness

We believe that you should be able to exercise when—and how—you want. That’s why our gyms are open 24/7, and why we believe that all fitness is valid fitness. You can grab a workout in-club and by taking the stairs at work.

Find Your Feel-Good

Whether you’re lifting weights or lifting groceries, it all works to raise your spirits! We help you embrace the power of positivity and turn your personal wish list into attainable goals. We’ll help you set simple achievable milestones and cheer you on every step of the way.

3/ Feel Super Supported

Set Your Own Goals

We’ve got your back! As your biggest cheerleaders from the moment you join, we’ll help you set your personal, achievable goals, track your progress, and celebrate every win.

Redefining how fitness feels

Move the ways you want to:

  • Support with equipment
  • Group classes
  • Personal training
  • Nutritional tips

All fitness is valid fitness

Even the smallest effort counts as an achievement – both in and out of the gym. At Snap Fitness, it’s all about the feeling!

4/ For Everybody & Every Body

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