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2016-05-13 | By: Snap Fitness

How do you measure your workouts? It could be based on time, how much you sweat, or even how sore you feel after. Don’t you wish you could have a reliable, accurate way to track how your hard work is paying off? Great news: you can with MYZONE!


Unlike other activity trackers that only count steps and provide rough guesses on how many calories you’ve burned, MYZONE uses the latest technology to monitor your heart rate and exact effort that you put in during your workouts. Finally, you get accurate, real-time, personalized feedback to help you reach your goals.


MYZONE’s latest product, the MZ-3 belt, is the most innovative fitness tracker available on the market. Two of its most-convenient features are Bluetooth capability and built-in memory — meaning your effort tile displays live data right on your smart phone and will automatically upload to your personal account online to show progress. If you don’t have your phone while you’re working out, no problem! The MZ-3 stores up to 16 hours of data and will upload once you come into your club or open the MYZONE app. Once your workout is completed, a summary email is automatically sent to you with your effort graph, points earned and calories burned along with other helpful stats and feedback.


This is a great way to stay motivated and keep you on track with your fitness routine. What can you do to push yourself further to increase your heart rate?  MYZONE can help you set goals with clear data on what your current fitness routine is doing for your vitals. Click here to learn more about MYZONE’s benefits.


Ready to see real results from how hard you work at Snap Fitness? Order your MZ-3 belt here.

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