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2019-04-15 | By: Jessica Morgan

Hi, im Jess and I will be trying out the MyZone-1 heart rate monitor and app for the next 4 weeks.

My ultimate goal is to improve my fitness as I build up my running distance and endurance, incorporating weights to tone and hiit workouts for an all round blast - and because I just love how they make me feel!

Add me as a friend on Strava - Jess Morgan - to follow my progress as I use MZ-1 to track my indoor and outdoor runs!

I aim to test out the heart rate monitor on a variety of different exercises, all with the aim of pushing myself to increase the intensity of my workouts. For my cardio and hiit workouts I’m sure my heart rate will be high during activity and lower during “rest” periods and for my resistance training - well I’m just curious to know how my heart rate fluctuates. I will use this blog to give my honest feedback on the journey and I’m excited to see some great results!

Day 1_______________________________

On the first day of my trial I completed the MyZone fitness test. It was an 11 minute cycle and the app takes you through each of the heart rate ‘zones’; from grey to blue, green, yellow and finally purple or red. The test was harder than I expected and it was very interesting seeing a live tracker of my efforts on my screen. There is no cutting corners with this attached to you, it is a true challenge against yourself! In the end I scored a result of 49 which isn’t too bad and I hope to score higher when I do the test again in 4 weeks!

Day 2_______________________________

Today I completed a high intensity hiit circuit at the gym. I created a series of exercises combining compound movements with weights with some mountain climbers, jumping jacks and burpees to raise my heart rate. I recorded an average heart rate of 135bpm after an hour of activity but my data was unfortunately lost as I hadn’t completed uploading the activities before I removed the band - lesson learnt for the future! Later I then tried to sync my Apple Watch data with the MyZone app, as I had been recording my workout on here too, but no luck. As an added feature for future models - this would be an awesome addition!

During the workout I felt that I was motivated to push myself harder than usual and I took fewer breaks and shorter rests between circuits because I was wearing the heart rate monitor. Glancing over to my screen I could see when I was dipping out of the yellow or green zones into the blue zone, and it definitely made me jump back into the workout to increase my MyZone Effort Points (MEPs)!

Day 3_______________________________

Today I did an upper body workout, beginning with a row to get my heart rate up to start. During my workout my goal was to get to the green zone (70-79% maximal heart rate), which is the highest scoring MEP zone. I struggled to reach this after my warm up and ended up maintaining a grey zone ‘steady state’ as my heart rate was not really raised much as I moved through various standing and sitting exercises to target my back, shoulders, tri- and biceps.

28300During my warmup on the rowing machine however, I stayed between the green and yellow zones but then dropped into blue and grey during my weight training. Im curious to see the difference in heart rate when I train my lower body… watch this space.


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