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Her motto : "In Fact 'Hot Body' doesn't come with easy and leisure but with cut and bruises!". Since she joined Snap Fitness in July 2018, she took 3 month PT Session with our Personal Trainer Iqbal, and some Cardio Jam Class. She already lost 6 kilograms of her weight. Despite the hard work she really enjoys every PT session and the Cardio Jam class.


As a 17 year old boy, I nearly didn't have time for exercise. I joined Snap Fitness at 2018 - thanks to them for opening 24 hour and it's near my home. Because Snap is a 24-hrs gym, I have time to work out and improve myself, this motivates me to get fit and eat healthily. I never use any kind of supplements, just by regularly working out and eat healthy. Since joining I have lost several kilos of fat and now gaining some muscle mass. And also the employee and the trainer is very friendly and cooperative. Working out at Snap is so enjoyable and comfortable.