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Hong Kong

As a tattoo artist, my daily schedule is tight from morning till night filled with appointments. I joined Snap Fitness January 2018 - thanks to them for opening 24 hrs and it's near my home. Because Snap is a 24-hrs gym, I have time to work out and improve myself, this motivates me to get fit and eat healthily. In addition to my work, being a father and a husband is also demanding, I need to be physically and mentally fit for my family and Snap Fitness has helped me with that. Since joining I have lost several kilos of fat and now gaining some awesome mass :) also I credit the punching bag in Snap to relief my stress... I can't wait for Snap Fitness to open more branches and especially one near my work!

Hong Kong

Growing up I was never academic, didn’t get good grades, hated studying and cared too much about what other people thought of me and I used to beat myself up for it. It’s now been one year since I’ve been training and I’ve crushed the thought of seeing age as a boundary and the mindset of trying to impress everyone but myself. I’m only seventeen and I’ve developed dreams so big that if I heard myself a few years ago I’d think I’m insane.
Joining Snap has had such a huge impact building me up mentally and physically. It’s more than a great atmosphere, it’s helped me enjoy training more than I ever thought I would, it’s kept me hungry for more and to stay determined at working for what I want. I’ve been smashing my goals one at a time and when I finally reach my dream of being fit to compete, I’ll always remember the day I joined Snap and it being such a big part of my fitness journey.