The New Health Foods – or Diet Saboteurs in Disguise


Many food products on the market today have good-intentioned dieters losing BIG…but, not necessarily the weight.  Products are being touted as Healthy only in how they are marketed – the name on the box can mislead even a savvy shopper.  Here are some examples of “health” foods to avoid. 


Super Protein Drinks-
Many of us are looking for ways to keep our protein intake high – especially if you are trying to balance blood sugar,  or repair and build muscle post workout.  Convenience protein drinks have made this convenient, but it comes with a price.  These products contain soy protein isolate which is a heavily processed form of soy.  Dr Mercola recently published an article stating that soy protein isolates can suppress thyroid function, cause digestive problems such as diarrhea, and promote an increase in hormonal estrogen. 

Keep it simple, stick with protein from real, unprocessed foods: animal meats, beans, lentils, eggs and dairy.


Trendy Cereal-

Stroll down the cereal aisle of your favorite grocery store and you will notice some new items competing for your attention.  Since Greek yogurt has enjoyed a surge in popularity due to its high quality protein content, the cereal companies don’t want to miss out on the buzz and the bills (that is, dollar bills). Unfortunately, this means that they simply toss a pinch of heavily processed yogurt powder into the mix of sugar, wheat, oats and rice.  This yogurt powder is created by heat treating, killing the active yogurt cultures and is only a fraction of the “greek yogurt” product.  The rest is made up of non-fat dry milk solids…not yogurt.

Maybe enjoy some actual Greek yogurt (that is milk strained in a cheese cloth or muslin, retaining its creamy texture and high protein content) – then, add a little of your favorite cereal for crunch – or better yet, throw in some nuts, seeds, or ground cacao seeds to boost the nutrition without the processed junk.


Veggie Pasta-

Ok, I’ll admit I was a little tempted by this one…vegetables infused into my pasta, my kids will love it!  What I’ve learned is that you just need to eat and enjoy the actual vegetables – can’t blame a mom for trying!  Here’s the scoop:  Veggie pastas promote vegetables in disguise.  Their small amount of vegetables per serving turns out to be a ¼ cup of vegetable solids from dried carrot, tomato, and spinach.  Each heavily cooked serving leaves you with 4 percent of a day’s vitamin A….ummm, that’s one sixtieth of a carrot or three baby spinach leaves. 

Save your money, and eat real vegetables!


-Jodi Sussner


GUEST BLOGGER | Jodi Sussner, Director of Personal Training

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