Power Plank Workout


Planks are a killer abdominal workout. They work more muscles than the average sit-up, but they’re also easier to mess up with poor form. Remember to keep your torso in line and relax your head while looking straight down.


Here’s a great plank workout that’ll take less than 30 minutes:


Plank Mountain Climbers (1 minute): Hold plank and run in place.

Ab crunch (1 minute)

Elbow Plank with Donkey Kick (30 seconds each side): Hold elbow blank, bend one knee, and pulse that heel toward the ceiling.

Bicycle Abs (1 minute)

Plank Jumping Jacks (1 minute): Jump feet apart and together.

Right Side Sit-up (30 seconds)

Left Side Sit-up (30 seconds)

Up-Down Plank (1 minute): Lower right elbow, then left. Straighten right arm, then left.

Double Ab Crunch (1 minute)


Repeat circuit three times. Take two minutes to stretch back and arms between sets.

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