Jodi The Trainer's April 24th Facebook Live-Chat!


On Wednesday, April 24th, our very own Jodi The Trainer- answered our members' health & fitness questions on our Facebook Page! Jodi's answers to all unanswered questions are below. Watch the Snap Fitness Facebook Page at for announcements of upcoming Facebook Live Chats!


I fell off the wagon. It’s hard and I need to get back in shape again. I need to do low impact cardio d/t medical issues. What would be the best game plan? I can do at least one hour per day. I need to lose around thirty pounds of fat for a female age 56?


Jodi the Trainer: I hope that you are back on the wagon?! Good for you - consistency and variety are key. Low impact cardio is great and we have the tools for it: recumbent and stationary bikes, elliptical and my favorite: octane! Do a combination of 1 day easy and longer, 1 day intervals and higher intensity, 1 day strength training and 20-30min cardio, 1 day rest and repeat. 


I took supplements a few years back to gain weight for rugby, but now I’m way too big! Any tips to lose the belly and tone lower body? Does eating one meal a day help?


Jodi the Trainer: Increasing your cardio will help lose fat as well as muscle (what many people try to avoid but, in your case, more cardio = more muscle loss).  The cardio will also help you lose belly fat and work the muscles of your lower body.  I particularly like the stepmill and inclined treadmill for Lower body work.  I wouldn’t recommend 1 meal per day – this will only slow your metabolism and make weight loss harder in the long-term. 


I've been consistently weight lifting for 5 or so months now. I'm seeing awesome progress in my arms, shoulders and inner back. I've always had very thick, muscular legs. I would prefer to see them a little leaner, however, instead of doing weighted squats and trying to increase the weight on leg machines, is the age old idea of lessening weight and adding more reps true to achieve this? (Shredding, I believe it the term). I've kind of rotated doing weighted squats (about 50 pounds plus the bar) and doing 100 body weight squats every week. Anyway, I'd like to hear your opinion?


Jodi the Trainer: I can relate as I was a gymnast and have always had larger/more muscular legs.  That said, adding weight/sets/reps is added volume which by textbook means, growth.  But, you are also working with the shape/genetics you were born with.  To maximize what you’ve got and get leaner (shreddedJ), then I would do a combination of cardio intervals followed by weights (ie, 1min interval followed immediately by 12-15 reps strength – repeat for 30-45min)  Also, diet is crucial here as leaning out can only be achieved by losing fat and keeping muscle.  Bodies are often built in the kitchen so, take a good look at your diet:  Lean protein, lots of veggies, some fruit, beans, nuts, nothing processed, and lots of water!  Finally, don’t be afraid to add weight if the 95# has gotten easy – it will only enhance your shape, not make you larger. 


I am 24 years old, 5"4 and weight right at 120 pounds. I'm in good shape and all but I'm having difficulty getting uhhh of the excess lower outer "back fat" and "muffin top. It's not too bad but it's the last bit of vanity weight I want gone. Is creating a calorie deficient the best and only way to go? I don't feel like I need to lose weight by any means, just body fat. How is that best accomplished? 


Jodi the Trainer: I can relate – often a trouble spot for women and that last bit of vanity weight is important to you so, I get it.  I don’t like counting calories as many women get this mentality of mind of matter, and end up eating too little, losing muscle and keeping fat.  While it’s true that calories count, you must focus on the quality of your calories, the balance of your nutrients (I like 40/30/30 carb/protein/fat), and eating enough to sustain muscle.  Fine tune your diet, fine tune your body!


How do u treat shin splints?


Jodi the Trainer: Shin splints can be treated through rest and ice.  Rest – shin splints often occur because of poor mechanics (Shoes or running form) but, they also occur from increasing intensity or frequency too quickly.  Add distance or speed slowly, take additional rest days if necessary.  Ice- fill a Dixie-cup ¾ full of water and freeze.  Use this to massage the area.  As it melts, peel away the paper.  Use until ice is completely melted (approx. 5min).


Why do I get bruising on my shoulder blades from 15 kg squats I was doing 10 kg but it became too light?


Jodi the Trainer: I agree that you should increase the weight in order to challenge your muscles – but, not sure if you are using Dumbbells on your shoulders or Barbells?   I am going to assume a barbell.  Make sure the barbell is placed on the “meaty” part of your back/neck (that is, on your upper traps).  It should end up above your shoulder blades, rather than on.  You can also use the barbell pad that is provided in your gym.  If it’s not there, check with the store manager to see if one can be ordered.


Jodi I am walking 3 miles four days a week and have been doing it for 3 months. At the same time when I started walking I cut the portions of my food in half. I still haven't lost any weight!! Any suggestions?


Jodi the Trainer: Boost your metabolism by adding resistance training.  I work with many women that exercise more, and eat less – only to get frustrated by zero weight loss.  So, they eat less and less…and pretty soon, they have a sluggish metabolism.  The body then requires less to sustain the same weight.  Keep up with your walking but, add 2 days of totally body strength training to start with.


What is the best workout for the butt and thighs?


Jodi the Trainer: Some of my personal favorites are squats and lunges.  Strength training will add definition and shape to your legs.  To add some fat-burning intensity, mix up your strength training with cardio intervals:  1min treadmill run/walk, incline of 3-5% - followed by lower body strength exercise (lunges, squats, calf raises, jump lunges, etc)


My son has hyperthyroid and is really finding he's packing on weight. Would the workout you suggest for hypothyroid work the same?


Jodi the Trainer: Hyperthyroidism typically means that it’s difficult to PUT weight on – I would first have him check with his doctor to be sure that medication is balanced.  Doing this type of cardio could cause him to lose too much too soon.  Stick with light-moderate cardio (30-45min) and strength training.


How do you cope with fitness boredom? I've been working out for 16 months and it seems like now that I'm near to my final goals I am bored. Give me ideas to keep my routine from getting too dull! 


Jodi the Trainer: My favorite ways to beat boredom:  1.) Create a new playlist – the right music can be a huge motivator! 2.) Try a new class – no matter what it is, kickboxing, boot camp, yoga – there is so much out there to try!  Grab a workout buddy and go.


Why do my knees ache after a run? Thought it would go away over time?


Jodi the Trainer: If your knees ache your body is telling you something so, listen to it.  I would suggest giving your knees some additional rest in between runs.  Also, building a strong core is the key for supporting the rest of your body. Have you checked with your doctor or physical therapist(PT)?  A PT can determine if you have muscle imbalances that might be causing knee pain.

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