How to Speed up Your Metabolism


Hello Lose Weight Challenge participants!  Congratulations on getting to Week 2 of the challenge. This week I want to give you some tips on how to increase your metabolism with exercise and nutrition:

1.   Lift weights to lose weight! – Lifting weights is crucial to keep your metabolism high on an ongoing basis.  Think about when you feel sore after a workout.  You have actually torn (micro tears) you muscle during your workout.  Your body doesn’t like that so it has to work on repairing the damage.  Therefore 2 – 3 days after your workout your body is burning more calories as it is repairing itself.  It is directing the protein you are taking in to repair the torn tissue instead of storing it as fat.  As you begin adding muscle you will increase your caloric output at rest by 30 – 50 calories a day for every pound of muscle gained.  Lifting weights helps you burn calories in the few days after your workout and is your ultimate long term goal to burn more calories.  If you are a cardiovascular exercise only person you are only burning calories for a few hours after your workout versus a few days with weight training.  This is where most people go wrong because they think they will “bulk-up” by lifting.  Lift weights, eat right, and keep your cardio consistent and you will see results fast!

2.  Supplements- Supplements are what they sound like.  They “supplement” your workout and your diet.  When you log into your site and click on My Nutrition, you can register for free on the site.  Once logged in, click on the Vitamin tab you can create a custom vitamin profile based on your goals and any medical issues you may have.  Two products you should pay attention to are TrueENERGY and TrueBASICS with Lean Extreme.  These products will help you burn fat at a faster pace and increase your energy prior to your workout.  TrueENERGY can be taken as a pre-workout to give you that extra energy boost to increase the intensity of your workout.  It will also raise your heart rate slightly so you are burning more calories during your workout.  TrueBASICS with Lean Extreme is taken with your meals and contains ingredients that will help you metabolize foods faster and increase your metabolism. Try these two products to kick-start your metabolism but remember that they are just a “supplement” to your good eating and exercise program.

3. Become a grazer- Eating too many calories at once or too many calories over a 24 hour period will do nothing but put more weight and fat on your body.  Your body can only take in so many calories at once and you need to take in fewer calories than you burn at the end of the day to lose weight.  Try spacing your meals out every three hours.  Make sure to start with a healthy breakfast that includes protein, not just carbohydrates like a bagel.  Two to three hours later eat a snack when you start feeling a little bit hunger.  Mid-day eat a healthy balanced lunch. Three hours later have a mid-afternoon snack.  For dinner, make sure you aren’t overstuffing yourself or eating right before bed.  It is harder to metabolize foods lying down and affects how you sleep.  The main goal is to eat small meals all day long so your body can metabolize it and not store it as fat.  If you starve yourself during the day, you will end up hungrier at night, putting yourself at risk for overeating.   

GUEST BLOGGER | Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

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