Chad the Trainer's 4/3/13 Live Chat: Lose Weight Challenge Special!


Chad the Trainer's 4/3/13 Live Chat: Lose Weight Challenge Special!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our live-chat on our Facebook Page! Here are the questions and answers from our last "Lose Weight Challenge" live-chat. Watch the Snap Fitness Facebook Page at for announcements of upcoming Facebook Live Chats!


What is a routine for exercise to lose weight?


Chad the Trainer: Weight loss is only successful when nutrition and exercise are consistent.  Get your nutrition in check with your free profile ( and exercise consistently to include both cardiovascular and strength exercises.  To save time and improve effectiveness, do a combination of cardio days (at least 3) that include low-moderate intensity longer workouts and interval workouts of high intensity.  Include at least 3 total body strength training sessions each week.


How do you lose the pooch? Lower belly fat?


Chad the Trainer: Unfortunately, we can’t spot reduce – I know you have probably heard it before but, it is true.  Your abdominal fat will tighten and tone with changes in nutrition, cardio, and strength.  Strengthen the abs as a whole – avoid trying to target the “lower belly”.  The external layer of the abs are one long muscle – work to perform slow, controlled and focused movements during your ab exercises. 


I have 200lbs to lose. Where do I start with exercise and eating?


Chad the Trainer: Start by making gradual but consistent changes – avoid lowering your caloric intake too extremely.  It’s a common mistake when people first get started.  Determine your minimum caloric needs and then couple that with exercise, making sure that you are at a total deficit of 3500 calories each week.  This will provide gradual (But long-term!) weight loss of 1-2lbs per week.  Good luck!


How do I tighten my triceps n have less loose skin and bat wings?


Chad the Trainer: Even though we can’t spot reduce, we can certainly spot strengthen – adding muscle to various parts of the body will always fill the space between skin and bone and make for a more dense, less flabby form.  I love overhead tricep extensions, lying tricep press (skull crushers), and tricep dips.  Give yourself at least a day in between to recover – so you can train triceps 2-3x/week.


I can lift, but never seem to gain muscle. What’s up with that?


Chad the Trainer: Make sure that you are getting enough calories.  It sounds counter-intuitive but, muscle growth and repair can only occur with enough Calories to make that happen.  Make sure you are getting at least 1 gram of protein per lb or body weight as well.  Increased protein, consistent eating and avoiding too much cardio will help to maintain and increase muscle.


Will running help burn fat off my stomach?


Chad the Trainer: Yes, any cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart rate up into a fat burning zone (60-80% of max heart rate), will decrease bodyfat.  Unfortunately, it will not be specific to your stomach only – where bodyfat is decreased is often based on genetic factors first.  Stay consistent, maintain great nutrition, cardio and strength exercises for your core and you should be good to go!


How come when I started lifting and the treadmill I was really sore but now I push myself until I have muscle fatigue the next day I really am not that sore. I do take protein powder and ripped vitamin packs from gnc but I do push myself until I can’t lift anymore. Is this normal?


Chad the Trainer: Yes, it’s normal with long-term training.  Unless you are changing the actual movements, you will likely not experience the same kind of soreness you did initially.  For example, you will not be sore if you simply go a little longer on the treadmill – you have to make bigger changes.  Instead, change the incline or speed drastically for shorter bursts, or change the actual type and weight of the strength exercises you do rather than just changing the number of reps.


I want to lose weight everywhere!!! What is best for total weight loss, and fast. What kind of exercise and diet.


Chad the Trainer: Fast weight loss isn’t necessarily long-term weight loss –BUT, if you are looking for fast weight loss, then consider lots of moderate-intensity, longer duration cardio.  You will lose some muscle, along with water retention and ultimately…weight!  As for diet, drink a ton of water avoid all sugar, and anything processed – good luck!


What are some signs of over training? How much soreness is normal vs. a sign to take a break from a particular muscle group?


Chad the Trainer: There is overtraining and then there is overreaching – overreaching is often the first stage of overtraining (where painful soreness and fatigue set in).  Once you hit signs of overreaching, you should back-off as it is much harder to fully recover from true over-training.  Soreness isn’t a sign of overtraining – overall body fatigue, sluggishness, a higher resting heart rate, and weakness are all signs.  One day of this should tell you to take a day off from training. I always take at least 1-2 days off of training.  These days can include easy walks or light yoga but, always benefit me in the end.  It allows you to come back stronger and make greater strides in your training rather than pushing hard ALL the time. 


For chest work outs I have heard a couple different people talk about incline decline and flat press are not good to do all during the same work! My question is do I need to stop doing all three and kind of spread them out week to week or keep doing all three every week?


Chad the Trainer: I would disagree that doing all 3 types in one workout as being “bad” – I think it’s good to hit the muscle groups from different angles.  But, more important – vary your exercises each workout.  If you did incline dumbbell press, chest flys, and decline DB press every workout, that would be slow progress.  Instead mix things up by using cables, bands, bodyweight, and dumbbells, varying intensity and reps to promote constant progress.


Chad, I've lost 65 lbs since last June (Weight Watchers and lots of exercise). I have about 35 more to go to get to goal. My trouble is I seem to be losing it from everywhere except my lower abdomen and thighs. Any suggestions?


Chad the Trainer: First, congratulations!  Unfortunately, nature/genetics control  - but, there are things you can do to create your best self.  First, change up your intensity and type of exercise.  Try hitting the treadmill with extreme incline walk/jog, followed by a sprint (1-2minutes of each) – continue this for 20-40minutes.  Try a combo of cardio machine interval (1-2minutes of high intensity) followed by a lower body strength exercise, repeat for 20-40minutes.  Good luck!


I have an abs related question ( I know you get a ton of them) I've been working out solidly for the past 4 months & have been working on my Abs both core & oblique but can't seem to lose the "jiggle" fat.. My BMI is 24.1 my fat % is 13 but I've tried med carb & low carb but my body feels so run down on the low carb, any suggestions?


Chad the Trainer: Your BMI and body composition are very healthy – so likely adding some weight to your core work and making sure you are getting enough calories will help you put on some muscle in your abdominal region (limiting the jiggle).  Also, consider extra water – which many people avoid thinking that it will make them “retain” water.  It has the opposite effect, water helps you flush extra water from your body – making your skin appear firmer and tighter.  Finally, extra skin from weight loss is just that, extra skin.  It can take longer for this skin to bounce back into it’s ideal shape – time, intensity and consistency, good luck!

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