Ask the Trainer: Working Out With an Injured Foot


Question: I am in a wheelchair with no weight-bearing on my right foot. I can walk with no problem as long as I put no more than 1 or 2 steps on my right foot. My left foot is fine, but I'm overweight and out of shape. Can Snap help?


Answer: There is a great machine at many local Snap Fitness locations called the Octane Xr6000 X Ride. This is a seated elliptical that you can utilize which will focus mostly on your upper body. It also has a stepping motion with your legs that is very low impact.  This will limit the pressure on your lower body and allow you to burn calories utilizing your upper body - focusing most of your effort using a pulling/pushing motion with your arms. You could also do a seated stationary bike that will have low impact on your foot.  Another option you have is to utilize the selectorized machines and burn calories with upper body machines such as a chest press, seated row, or any other upper body-focused machines. My best advice would be to hire a personal trainer to help customize a program for you that is safe and effective and has a nutrition component as well.

GUEST BLOGGER | Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

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