Ask the Trainer: Stuck Behind a Desk


Question: What can I do while at work to get some activity into my day?


Answer: The main thing you can do at work to burn more calories is to be more active. Many people work in offices where you sit at a desk all day. Here are some ideas to help you burn some calories:


  1. Ban the elevator. If you have an elevator try taking the stairs instead. It is the equivalent of doing the Stairmaster at the gym.
  2. Use your 15 minute breaks and/or lunch to take walks. Most companies have these breaks built into your schedule. Get outside and take a walk and get some fresh air!
  3. Use your lunch break to work out. Go to the gym or run outside for 30 minutes. It will refresh you and release stress at the same time!

GUEST BLOGGER | Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

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