Ask the Trainer: Rest and Recovery


Question: My husband and I always eat our regular breakfast before going to Snap and then have a protein drink before leaving the gym. I have heard that one's muscles need time to recover so you shouldn't work out daily. Do you have some tips on whether that's true, or what I should be doing?

Answer: You are hitting the two most important meals of the day. Make sure your breakfast is at least 30 minutes before your workout and continue to get your protein drink in right after your workout to help repair the muscles you just worked. As far as the recovery goes, you should not work the muscle again if it is still sore. If you continue to work a sore muscle you are training “micro-torn” muscle tissue and it will never repair itself and thus never grow. If you are training your whole body in one day I would take the next day off and work out every other day. Otherwise  you can work your upper body on Monday and Thursday and lower body on Tuesday and Friday. This would give your body more time to recover if you are sore for two or three days. It really depends on your workout preferences, but yes, make sure you take time to rest and recover your body.

GUEST BLOGGER | Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

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