Ask the Trainer: Quick Weight Loss


Question: I just started back working out and I'm not quite sure what I love...I just get intimidated by the equipment. I want to lose 15 pounds fast. Any suggestions?

Answer: My recommendation is that you work with the manager of your Snap Fitness or a Personal Trainer and have them take you though a “Basic 8” session. It is free for all new members and takes you through 8 basic exercises on the machines and will allow you to work all the main muscles on your body. This orientation will eliminate your intimidation with the equipment and you will have a full understanding of the proper technique for each exercise. I would recommend completing a full body circuit which encompasses two times through the basic 8 machines three times per week. This will work all of your muscles one day and allow for a day of rest in-between. I would also recommend completing about 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise after your circuit three times per week. For this you can use a treadmill, cross-trainer or you can ride a stationary bike. You can also go to your site and find the basic 8 exercises there There are videos of how to complete each exercise for your viewing. This is a good game plan for you to follow, but the best recommendation I can give is to hire a Personal Trainer to customize a weight training and cardiovascular plan paired with good nutritional recommendations just for you. More exercise paired with less calories equals fast results!  Good Luck!

GUEST BLOGGER | Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

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