Ask the Trainer: Inches vs. Weight


Question: I am losing inches but not weight. Is anything wrong with me? I asked a personal trainer at my gym and he told that I was building muscle and that was healthier. Is this true?  My pants size dropped from 8 to 6 why not on the scale?

Answer: Your personal trainer is correct.  

As you can see, a pound of fat has much more volume than a pound of muscle. Hence, when you are losing inches off your waist and your weight is staying the same, you are gaining one pound of muscle for every one pound of fat you are losing. You are getting rid of the bad stuff and adding the good stuff. Also, muscle burns more calories than fat. For every pound of muscle you add you increase your resting metabolism which means you burn more calories at rest. I would recommend that you keep doing your current workout and congratulate you on the results you have seen thus far.

GUEST BLOGGER | Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

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