Announcing the 2013 Lose Weight Challenge winners!


For six weeks this spring, Snap Fitness members from all across the U.S. and Canada were dropping pounds, building muscle, and competing to win big cash and prizes as part of the $25,000 Lose Weight Challenge!

Nearly 15,000 members participated in the challenge, losing roughly 30,000 pounds in the process! But in the end, one “loser” stood apart from the pack.

George F. from Barrie, ON dropped 81.1 pounds, resulting in a loss of 32.3 percent body fat! 

“Competing in the Snap Fitness Lose Weight Challenge was one of the most difficult, and rewarding things I've done,” said George, who made the choice to join the Challenge after facing a number of obstacles.

“For the last decade or so I've been struggling with weight, this past year being the worst. In early 2012 my father needed major heart surgery opening my eyes to the changes I need to make, but with a serious leg injury early spring all my hard work and training had been halted. Not only that, being in a cast for several months and many more of rehab, I hit an all time high for weight; and low for health. I needed a change, but was having trouble finding the right motivation. That was until I found out about the Lose Weight Challenge.”

Over the next six weeks, George began to find his rhythm. His new routine would start with a morning cardio session, followed by some weights after work, and finally a second cardio session in the evening. In addition, he took advantage of the Truestar nutrition and vitamin program in order to get started on a plan to help him get better results.

Thanks to his hard work, George is not only healthier and happier, but also receives $5,000 cash, $1,000 in Truestar vitamins and supplements, plus a trip to a sunny destination (see the complete list of winners below)!

While he says the prizes were motivation, the real reward comes from the long-term benefits of losing the weight. “I could never thank Snap Fitness and Truestar enough for giving me my life back!”

Lose Weight Challenge Top 10 Winners (*winners based on total body fat percentage lost):

1) George F. – Barrie, ON: 81.1 lbs., 32.3% loss
2) Michael J. – Cranberry Township, PA: 53.4 lbs., 28.08% loss
3) Aleksandar J. – Hubbard, OH: 58.8 lbs., 25.48% loss
4) Tyler H. – Mount Joy, PA: 38.7 lbs., 22.74% loss
5) Alex W. – Toronto High Park, ON: 74 lbs., 22.43% loss
6) Trevor G. – New Richmond, WI: 47 lbs., 22.38% loss
7) Steve C. – Grand Forks, ND: 49.8 lbs., 22.29% loss
8) Matthew P. – New Bern, NC: 54.6 lbs., 22.14% loss
9) Michael B. – Grandville, MI: 62.6 lbs., 21.93% loss
10) Matt H. – Courtice, ON: 53.4 lbs., 21.85% loss

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the Lose Weight Challenge!