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How to Build a Better Relationship with Yourself


  1. Start a hobby that you’ve always wanted to learn. Whether it be a new fitness class, or something non-fitness related, starting a new hobby is proven to help increase your self-esteem.
  2. Laugh. Laughing speeds up your metabolism, and lifts your mood!
  3. Spend time with like-minded individuals. It's great to surround yourself with people who have common interests. This will make you feel supported in things that you're interested in.
  4. Remind yourself what you’re thankful for. It's sometimes easier to think of what is wrong in life instead of what you're grateful for. Remind yourself what makes you thankful every single day.
  5. Practice being grateful for your body. Your body can do amazing things, even if you’re not where you want to be when it comes to your fitness goals, be thankful for where you are and what your body can do.
  6. Let go of your inner perfectionist. Being too hard on yourself will get you nowhere. Work hard towards your goals, but if you accidentally take a step backwards it'll be okay.
  7. Make time for yourself. Treat yourself to some time doing what you love each and every week.
  8. Be kind to yourself. Along with being kind to others, be kind to yourself.
  9. Let go of judgement. Judging others, especially at the gym when they're working on themselves doesn't help anyone. Live a judgement-free life.
  10. Meditate. Relax, and focus on your breath.

Toxic Gym Thoughts and How to Overcome Them


We’re going to fill you in on a little secret. You know those nagging thoughts when you’re at the gym that you’re not as impressive as the sculpted runner to your right or ripped lifter to your left? We have them, too. Everyone has them. They’re natural. The trick is to not let them drain your energy or distract you from your goals. Follow these six tips and you’ll be fine. Better than fine. Awesome.


1. These People Must Be Training For the Olympics. It can be daunting to see other members who are hitting it at such a high level. It happens. But their story isn’t your story. Be the hero of your story. You deserve it. It’s nice to be curious about other people at the gym but keep the focus on yourself. That way you can’t lose.


2. I Wish I Looked Like That. Ah yes. Mirror envy. It’s easy to be self-conscious. But try to keep this in mind: your physical appearance is only one reason to exercise. There are many other outcomes and victories that are internal. Focus on how exercise makes you feel: energized, happier, peppier, calmer. That’s reason enough to celebrate your routines. And celebrate when you see improvements in your physique, which will come.


3. I Need To Lose Weight Before I Go To The Gym. Stop and re-read that sentence. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? But for so many people this is a barrier. It shouldn’t be. Signing up for a gym isn’t like enrolling in the Marines. There isn’t a physical requirement to join. In fact, we can help you get in shape for the Marines if you want, or just finish a 5K. Check in with a trainer. They’re there to help. We promise: no judging. 


4. This Weight Machine Is Totally Confusing. You may be right on this. Some of them are hard to figure out, at least at first. But that’s where help from your friendly gym trainer can help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may think everyone’s watching. But they’re not. Everyone’s lost in their own objectives and so should you. First step: figure out that machine!


5. I Just Don’t Think I’m a [Yoga] [Weights] [Cardio] Person. Think of a gym as a place to experiment. Mix things up a bit. Try new things. Be bold! And don’t worry that others may be more advanced than you.


6. Keep It Positive. Not every workout is one for the record books. But don’t let past performance get it in your head. Learn to let go of poor performances. All athletes have control over is right now. That is where thoughts need to be. Stay in the present and do your best!

Success Spotlight: Sarah


Sarah joined Snap Fitness Auburn, IL in January of 2016 weighing 270lbs and wearing a size 18/20. She had gotten engaged a month before joining and was inspired to get in shape to look great for her wedding. She had a year and a half to prepare.
Sarah says there wasn’t an easy answer, a quick fix, magic pill, or a simple solution. But that the truth was changing her lifestyle by cutting out junk food and becoming more physically active. She ate healthy foods, not low carb or sugar free, but real foods like chicken, fish, ground turkey, fruits and vegetables. She also adopted an intensive fitness program of simple weight lifting and cardio. Sarah made her physical and mental health her top priority and stopped making excuses.
Sarah is now 188lbs and a size 8/10, down 82lbs! Sarah has found that this journey is now more about living a healthy lifestyle and less about only looking great on her wedding day. She's 8lbs away from her goal weight and says when she hits it she plans to continue her new lifestyle. Sarah says the best thing she’s ever done for herself was joining Snap Fitness and we are so happy she did. Way to go, Sarah!

8 Tips For Prepping Healthy Meals in Advance


You know the scenario. You arrive home after a long day at work, your energy is sapped, you’re hungry, and you have a restaurant delivery app on your phone. Recipe for diet disaster. The good news is in the same time it takes for a delivery person to reach your door, you can be enjoying your own meal, prepped in advance. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

1. Plan Them Out
Make a list of your favorite healthy foods and decide what you’ll eat for every snack and meal. Once you have a few meal prep menus in your arsenal, you can rotate them to keep things interesting.

2. Avoid Temptation
Not having junk food in the house means not having to use your willpower to avoid it. Stick to your shopping list. 

3. Keep It Simple
Save time by choosing meals and snacks that don’t require a lot of time to put together. Fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, pre-cut veggies with prepared hummus. These are all excellent choices.

4. Cook for a Week
Set aside some time on the weekend and cook for the whole week. This will make good use of your time and cut down on your utility bill. And imagine, your dishes for the week will be ready to go! A big stress relief for you.

5. Mix Things Up
It can be tempting to eat the same meals every day but that gets boring. Give yourself options. This can be as simple as choosing different proteins for your salads each day, or eating chicken with vegetables three nights of the week, and fish or tofu with vegetables the other two.

6. Food Storage Containers Are Helpful
Food containers of various sizes can make a world of difference. It’s a good idea to choose one container type and buy several that stack and store neatly.

7. A Little Goes a Long Way 

Any food prep is better than no food prep. Do what works for you. If the only thing you want to prep each week are hardboiled eggs, start there. Don’t get bogged down in thinking it must be done a certain way.

8. Give It Some Time

Food prep is about making your life easier. It takes a little effort and time upfront but it is worth it. It is so rewarding to open the refrigerator door and see healthy delicious meals and snacks ready to eat. Start slowly and build good habits. 

2017 Workout Playlist


Music can either make or break your workout. When choosing your playlist, make sure to choose music with both a powerful beat and high beats per minute, between 120 and 140. This will motivate you and keep your moves consistent! Jam out during your next workout to this awesome playlist, or mix in a couple of your own favorite workout songs!


Holiday Gift Guide


With the holiday season just around the corner, don’t let the stress of gift giving make you “sweat!” We’ve made things easy for you by compiling a list of the best gifts to give the gym junky in your life! 


For the Goal Setter

Goals are an extremely important part of any fitness regimen. For someone who loves writing down their goals or workout plans, a fitness planner or goal notebook is a great gift option!


For the Person Who Always Drinks Eight Glasses a Day

Plastic water bottles are a thing of the past! Glass water bottles contain no harmful chemicals, last for years, and are also dishwasher friendly!


For the Tangled Mess

Big or small, with wireless headphones tangled cords will no longer be a workout distraction. The lucky person that you gift these to will love you for that!


For the Complainer

Sore muscles equal complaining. A foam roller is an awesome way to get rid of sore muscles! Foam rollers can be found almost anywhere and are something that anyone would be thankful to have after a tough workout!


For your Tech-Savvy Friend

With the wide variety of fitness watches and fitness trackers out there, it’s hard to know exactly which one to choose! These little devices come with many features- from tracking your steps to monitoring your sleep. Most connect to your smartphone or tablet. Make the tech-savvy person in your life happy by getting them one of these!


For the Person Who Needs More Organization

A gym bag may be the perfect gift for someone who needs a little more organization in their life. Gym bags come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Find one they will love and they be thankful it saved them time and kept them organized.


For the Newbie 

For the person who is just beginning their fitness journey, give them the gift of a Snap Fitness membership! With access to thousands of gyms around the world you can’t go wrong!


We hope these gift ideas take the “sweat” out of finding the perfect gift. Happy holidays!


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