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The Skinny on Chia Seeds


You’ve probably been hearing a lot about chia seeds lately, and for good reason! We love them not only for their superfood qualities, but they can also help with weight loss! Check out some of the ways they can help you slim down below and add in some chia seeds to your weight loss program! 


Chia seeds are packed with fiber, which aids in digestion. You’ll feel less bloated thanks to your body being more regular.

Low Carb

An ounce of chia seeds has only 12 grams of carbohydrates, so your body will store very little fat in comparison to the amount that you eat.


Chia seeds are loaded with serotonin-releasing tryptophan and magnesium, as well as depression-fighting omega 3s. Less stress means that your body produces less cortisol, which is a win-win. Cortisol is not good because is causes fat to cling to your mid-section.


Just one ounce of chia seeds are loaded with 179 mg of calcium, making these a great option for those who don’t eat dairy.

Healthy Fats:

Good fats can burn body fat, as well as help you feel full! This means that you will be less likely to overeat.


Best ways to incorporate chia seeds into your diet

  • Mix with coconut milk and honey and let sit overnight. In the morning, add fruit and nuts and you’ve got a delicious and healthy coconut chia pudding for breakfast.
  •  Add 2 tablespoons chia seeds to 4 ounces of coconut water and a teaspoon of super greens for a nutritious Chia Green Smoothie that’s ready to enjoy right away.
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of chia seeds on top of your yogurt to add in some healthy omega 3s.
  •  Chia seeds can also be baked into muffins or cakes to add in some nutrition.


Snap Fitness Pumpkins


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Pokémon GO Snap Contest


Catch ‘em all to win big! If you’re a fan of the widely popular game Pokémon GO, this contest is for you. Long adventures seeking Pokémon can be tiring, but not if you have the right supplies! Enter in our contest to win the ultimate Pokémon GO Trainer Prize Pack that is sure to up your game!




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Member Spotlight: Janice's Story of Commitment


I have been overweight all of my life, basically since I was seven years old. I was always very active but was not a regular eater. As I got older, my eating habits got worse and I skipped meals daily. I struggled with weight loss no matter how active I was. When I would begin to lose weight I would usually lose an average of 20 pounds and then would plateau for several months.


Of course I would become frustrated easily and toss in the "dieting." In 2007, I had my youngest daughter and although she was almost nine pounds I came home from the hospital weighing 20 pounds more than I had when I went in to deliver her. I also came out with high blood pressure which was also very discouraging as I had always had low blood pressure. They put me on blood pressure medicine and I had to remain on them to keep it under control.


I began dealing with a lot of physical pain and stopped exercising because of it. In 2013, the doctors finally diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and began treating me with medicine that fortunately I had great success with.


By this time, I had reached my highest weight of 312 pounds. I was very unhappy and knew I had to do something. I began working out at the fitness center where I worked and did manage to lose 15 pounds. Unfortunately, they did away with my position and I was no longer able to work out at the facility. We lost my brother of a sudden massive heart attack that year and I knew my own risks were high as it was not only genetic but my weight could be a huge contributor.


With a lot of careful consideration and talking with my primary doctor, I decided to talk with a doctor about stomach surgery. I walked into the office in October 2014 weighing 297 pounds. In January 2015, I had the stomach sleeve surgery. I had to commit to eating five small meals a day consisting of high protein options, vegetables, and very little carbohydrates along with beginning a workout program. In late February, I signed up at Snap Fitness for the trial membership.


I quickly began to familiarize myself with all the equipment and became a frequent flyer. I attend the gym usually four-to-five times a week working hard at cardio and also doing some muscle building and strength training.


My goal someday is to be able to work with a personal trainer. Since January 2015, I am down 123 pounds and since my highest weight, I am down 138 pounds. My goal weight is 150 pounds: at this time, I am 24 pounds away from.


I am confident that with my new eating schedule along with with my efforts at Snap Fitness I will definitely meet my goal! I enjoy working out at Snap Fitness because there is a variety of equipment and the staff and people at the gym are always courteous and friendly.


I am so thankful for my health and a new beginning to my life. Since I have lost the weight, I have gone off my blood pressure medication and had excellent blood work results. I am also only three percent away from having a normal BMI, originally I started out as morbidly obese. Once I reach my goal weight, I will have lost more than half of my body weight.


Want to get started on our journey with a 30-day trial pass? Get yours here!

Elevate Your Wellness With Clean Vitamins


Alright, Snap Nation, let’s do a quick check-in. No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, it’s important to keep track of the three pillars that a healthy lifestyle is built on. These vital components are exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Each of these components is equally important and can impact your physical and emotional health. For example, you can’t perform to your highest potential in the gym if you aren’t eating right or getting enough sleep. You also can’t out-run or out-lift a poor diet.


Let’s take a closer look at your nutrition. It’s no secret that you need to make good choices inside and outside of the gym. What you put in your body makes a difference. If you’re looking to take your nutrition to the next level or give it an added boost, Clean Vitamins is for you.


Clean Vitamins is a supplement line that uses the best ingredients optimally formulated to not only be as pure as possible, but have the deepest impact on your body in a natural manner. Bottom line? The inside of your body should be as clean and healthy as the outside of your body — and Clean Vitamins can help.


There are five options available for you to choose from: Multi, Detox, Slim, Energy, and Protein. From the perfect multi-vitamin to regulating your appetite, Clean Vitamins has a supplement that can help you get the results you want. Click here to learn more about the five supplement options.


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