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Make Every Workout Count With MYZONE


Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where you are at any moment with your fitness goals? Well not to brag or anything but we can give you exactly that. Say hello to our MYZONE heart rate tracker.


If you haven’t tried one yet, MYZONE will dazzle you. Unlike other activity trackers that only count steps and guess at number of calories burned, MYZONE uses technology to monitor activity from the gym and provides comprehensive, real-time effort data. It takes the guesswork right out of your workouts. You will know exactly how far you’ve gone, and how much effort you’ve spent, and how much progress you’ve made on your goals. All you have to do is wear a lightweight, unobtrusive belt on your torso.


How does it do all this? We’ll spare you all the techie talk but two remarkable features are its Bluetooth capability and built-in memory. When you use MYZONE you receive live data on your smart phone or your Snap Fitness club's TV screen. If you don’t have your phone while exercising, that’s no problem. The tracker stores up to 16 hours of data and will wirelessly upload once you enter a club or open the MYZONE app. Once your workout is completed, a summary email is sent to you with your effort graph, points earned, and calories burned. You will have all the information you need, uploaded and saved in a cloud account, to help you achieve your fitness dreams.


Stop into your club and ask one of our wellness coaches to hook you up with MYZONE. It’s easy to use. And more than that, it’s empowering. Let MYZONE help you measure your effort, modulate your intensity, and accomplish great things!


#SnapNation 2018 Playlist


There is nothing like the perfect playlist. If you assemble the right mix of songs, it’s magical. It can carry you through any kind of workout. The great news is we have the tunes picked out for you. Give these songs a try. We promise they'll keep your energy up and your muscles working. Happy listening!



8 Wellness Trends Not to Miss in 2018


Now that the new year is in full swing, why not kick your fitness into high gear? We’ve got some great wellness ideas for you. Try them and live your best life in 2018.


Ditch Fried Foods Forever

There’s really no need to keep them in your diet. And what’s great about nutrition in 2018 is that it’s easier than ever to substitute healthy foods. Example: instead of a bag of potato chips, grab a handful of almonds. Easy. French fries? Uh, no. Snap peas? Now you’re talking.


Cardio is Good. Cardio + Strength Training is Better.

If your workouts only focus on cardio and don’t include strength training, you’re missing out on a lot of health benefits. Gaining muscle mass is about more than looking great in the mirror. (Although looking great in the mirror is awesome.) It’s about adding lean muscle mass, which helps your body burn calories efficiently. Make 2018 the year you try high-intensity interval training. Check in with a Snap Fitness trainer to get started.


Clear the Air

Taking good care of your body is important. But so is protecting the air you breathe. This may mean adding an air purifier or air-purifying plant to your home. A plant such a Garden Mum can do wonders to keep allergens out of your lungs.


Make Coffee a Super Food

These days it’s entirely possible to transform your morning coffee into something healthy and nutritious. One thought is to add in a little coconut oil. This will increase your intake of medium-chain fat, which has been shown to have a positive effect on blood lipids, lower triglycerides and raising HDLs. Another idea is to sprinkle in some maca powder, which will provide a generous dose of vitamins and minerals.


Get Serious About Recovery Time

Pushing yourself hard during a workout is great. But just as important as dialing it up while in the gym is dialing it down when you’re not. This means staying hydrated, stretching, getting enough sleep. Let rest be your secret weapon.


Vitamins Can Be Game-Changers

There are so many vitamins on the market that it can be confusing figuring out what to take. The solution? Check in with us. We have our own line of Clean Vitamins, which are made of the best natural ingredients, and super knowledgeable trainers. We can figure out what is best for you.


Self-Care is Job One

Wellness is about more than goals. It’s also about emotional needs. Make sure you strive to obtain inner calm. That can mean taking a long bath, going on a nature hike, luxuriating in a long nap, anything that helps you unwind and decompress. Protect your you-time. You deserve it. 


Success Spotlight : Jason Barlow


My fitness adventure started with a FitBit and a single footstep. I was determined to lose weight. My goal was to take 15,000 to 20,000 steps a day, no matter what was going on in my life. That’s where it began. And it led me to Snap Fitness.


I never used to be a gym person. I didn’t know how to use most of the equipment and didn’t want people watching me. But I wanted to take my fitness to the next level so I started a Snap Fitness membership.


I was nervous. At first, I would only use one machine, the treadmill. I would jump on it and walk for up to two hours a day. People must have thought I was crazy! But I dropped 30 pounds and it felt great. Suddenly I wanted to do more.


I knew I needed to add strength to my life. I had tried a few supplements and was eating protein but I wasn’t seeing results. I was curious about resistance training. I was still nervous about training in front of people. But I quickly realized that people are kind and supportive when you are doing that improves your life.

I was able to find a program that suits my capabilities. I learned the joy that comes with committing to a routine. It’s not the amount of exercise that you do but that you keep doing it. I caught the bug! I went from being an ambivalent gym person to someone who never missed a day. The gym is just such a great atmosphere. I’ve made many new friends and I’m living a much healthier lifestyle.


I’m coming up on my one-year fitness anniversary. I’m still doing my cardio — I usually do a five-kilometer run every day — and staying on my program to build muscle and definition. It’s all given me such a new lease on life. I’m excited to see what happens next. I’m so grateful to Snap Fitness.

What's Your Fit Workout | HIIT Training : Giant Set


The vision behind our ‘What’s Your Fit?’ campaign is fueled by our passion to help people to reach their goals and figure out what fitness means to them. By providing a supportive culture, we’re hoping communities feel inspired, while also having fun as they reach their goals.

As part of our ‘What’s Your Fit?’ campaign, expert trainers designed four HIIT workouts, which stand for high intensity interval training. The name speaks volumes for these type of workouts as the intensity of the weight training will have you breaking a sweat while building muscle. .

These workouts also provide overall strength and burn calories by combing quick movements and concentration to complete each rep. These workouts can easily be downloaded as PDFs. Just click the link at the bottom of this post! 

Giant Set: 16 total exercises, broken up into sets of four with each group targeting one part of the body. Complete 3 sets, 10 reps of each exercise and take short break between each muscle group.


Click Here to Download the PDF Workout


6 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Fitness Fanatic In Your Family


Procrastinating on holidays gifts is as much a part of the season as cookies and carols. If that’s you, don’t worry. We won’t judge. In fact, we have some ideas for you. If you choose wisely, you won’t even have to include a gift receipt. You’ll be hearing thanks for years to come.


  • High-Cushioned Yoga Mat. A great yoga mat can make all the difference. You want to give one that is ultra-high and thickly cushioned. Also, look for one that has a specialized closed-cell surface. This keeps sweat from drenching and getting trapped in the mat.
  • Wireless Sport Earbuds. There are many brands that offer a comfortable, stable hooked design, which is ideal for long workouts. And some of the higher-end versions include impressive battery life. Some go up to 36 hours. Good ones also offer tap-touch controls for easy maneuverability.
  • Interactive Water Bottle. This may sound like a somewhat uninspired gift idea. But not for the fitness minded. They know that a water bottle goes with you everywhere and provides the hydration that fuels your life. Here’s what’s cool about today’s top-shelf water bottles: they’re interactive. They can actually calculate your personal hydration needs to make sure you drink enough water before, during and after workouts.
  • A Good Gym Bag. There are gym bags that do the job. You throw things in, you take things out. They eventually get kind of disgusting and you replace. That’s all fine and good. But there are better ones on the market. Look for gym bags that have separate compartments for gym clothes and clean items. This provides an essential separation for life on the go. There are also bags that have a removable shoe bag, which is awesome.
  • MYZONE Belt. Imagine having your heart rate data available to view while working out! It’s possible with MYZONE Belts, a wearable heart rate tracker that shows your effort while training. Contact your local Snap Fitness to purchase one today. 
  • Snap Fitness Gym Membership. Of course, we think this is the best gift of all! Visit us in person or online to get your loved one all signed up.



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