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Shape and Sculpt: Lower Body Workout


Tone your legs and glutes with this great lower body workout! Warm up with 15-20 minutes of cardio, followed by repeating this circuit three times. 



10 reps 


Donkey Kicks

10 reps



Jump Squats

10 reps


Dumbbell Lunges

15 reps



Plank Jacks

15 reps


Sumo Squats

15 reps



Wall Sit

Hold for 1 minute 


How to Make a Morning Workout Happen


Do you want to start working out in the morning, but have trouble avoiding the snoozing button and popping out of bed ready to start your day? Try these tips to make working out part of your morning routine. Need a little more motivation? Research has shown morning exercise can leave a longer impact on your body than working in the afternoon or evening, meaning you’ll burn more calories.

Get Ready the Night Before

Having your workout clothes and gear laid out the night before has several benefits. You can even wear some of it to sleep so you can get up and go! You won’t waste time searching for shorts or a certain shirt and this begins the process of getting mentally prepared to workout.

Also, if you listen to music while working out, make sure whatever device you use is fully charged. If you’re going to a yoga class, put your mat next to the door. Do you need to bring weights to a workout? Leave those by the door as well.

Fuel Up and Eat Right

Working out in an empty stomach will lead to having less energy and your metabolism will slow down because it doesn’t have enough fuel to burn. Instead of running around the kitchen when you should be walking out the door, prepare healthy snacks that you can grab and go. You can do this before the start of the work week or night before. Some healthy options include a half a slice of whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and ingredients for a small smoothie.

Get a good night of sleep

Sleep is critical to helping us reach our fitness goals because it’s when our body recovers. Also, for morning workouts, we want to be well rested and feeling energized. To avoid hitting the snooze button, wake up to your favorite workout song or try other tricks like moving your alarm clock across the room.

These three simple tips will help you get that morning workout in. There’s one more key to success- Find workouts you enjoy. This might entail trying a few classes. Maybe your club has a Zumba class that looks fun, you want to give yoga try or maybe you want to join a running group. Whatever it is, figure out what motivates you.

2017 Workout Playlist


Music can either make or break your workout. When choosing your playlist, make sure to choose music with both a powerful beat and high beats per minute, between 120 and 140. This will motivate you and keep your moves consistent! Jam out during your next workout to this awesome playlist, or mix in a couple of your own favorite workout songs!


Success Spotlight: Richard Broussard


Richard Broussard, a member of the Snap Fitness club in Dayton, Texas started his fitness journey in 2010 at his highest weight of 358 pounds. Richard has been a member of the Dayton club since their initial opening. His journey has been a long one of both successes and failures with dieting and excercise. Richard loves starting the day with a workout and finds that he has fewer excuses when he gets his workout done first thing in the morning. Richard thanks Snap Fitness for allowing him to develop a routine of early morning workouts. When Richard first began at Snap Fitness he couldn't even walk 20 minutes, and did not even think about running! Richard is now 64 and is a competitive runner, having ran over 30 races, including 10 marathons. Richard's key to success is focus, goal setting, visualization, and low carb eating. Now Richard is down to 185 pounds, almost 200 pounds less than he was at his heviest. Richard would like to thank Snap Fitness for being his partner in this journey. Thank you for being such an inspiration, Richard!

5-Minute Abs


Get the stomach of your dreams with this 5-minute killer ab workout! Do each move for 1 minute, taking a 30 second rest between each move if needed! You can choose to do the full circuit once, or repeat it multiple times for a more intense workout. 

Mountian Climbers

Toe Touches

Side Plank Crunch


Windshield Wipers 

How to Add Muscle and Healthy Weight


Consuming quality calories and nutrient dense foods is what you need to put into your body if you’re trying to gain healthy weight and lean muscle mass. This means you want to stay away from burgers and fried foods. They are filled with empty calories and lead to putting on unhealthy weight. Instead, follow these suggestions to add lean muscle mass and healthy weight.

Eat Often and Snack

What you put into your body and being consistent is critical to putting on healthy weight instead of fat. Eat every three to four hours, make sure the calorie count is reasonable, and consisting of nutrient rich foods.

For example, there are about 300 calories in 24 ounces of soda, which is similar to a cup of full-fat Greek yogurt, ½ cup of blueberries and two tablespoons of flaxseed. The number of calories is the only similarity between them with the latter being far better for you.

Our bodies thrive off energy and if we’re not properly fueling, it slows down and starts dipping into our muscle mass. The number of calories is going to vary and depend on the body type, but on average, 500 to 600 is a reasonable number.

Snacking is also important. Keep these between 100 to 200 calories. A good snack is almonds or fruit. These will keep your energy level up and provide a number of health benefits.

Drink your Food

Liquids aren’t as filling as solid food, but the right drinks are rich in nutrients and won’t leave you feeling full. Smoothies are a great way to get fruits, veggies and protein into your daily diet. Other options include 100% fruit juice, carrot juice, and organic skim milk or alternatives such as almond milk. Start enjoying these instead of soda, sports and energy drinks.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Fuel your body with a blend of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. A good balance is 50%-60% carbs, 15%-20% protein, and 25%-30% healthy fats. By incorporating food from each group into meals, you’re providing your body with a broader spectrum of nutrients.

The carbs you consume should be complex such as whole wheat, grain cereals and potatoes. Protein is great way to add muscle, but you don’t want to go overboard. Protein requires a lot of energy to digest and tends to be very filling.

For example, if your breakfast is a banana, this isn’t going to sustain you for very long. Add in a few eggs and cook them in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil. This is a smaller meal that gives your body the energy it thrives on.

Incorporating these foods and drinks into your diet will not only help you add healthy weight, you’ll also feel better the more you consume them. 


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