Club Transfer

Snap Fitness makes it easy for members have a change in lifestyle. Whether you are moving for work or just relocating to a new area, we have you covered. With 200 locations around the country there is always a Snap Fitness near you.

To transfer your Snap Fitness membership to another Snap Fitness gym please complete the request form and we will be in touch within 5 working days.

Who can apply for a transfer?

Snap Fitness club transfers are only applicable to members who:


  • Owes no membership dues to the home club
  • Does not have their membership on freeze


  • Have moved Cities (over an hour travel time by car) and require a payment method change or freeze to be applied immediately
  • Are requesting an upgrade to a club with facilities that require a premium home club membership for access
  • Are requesting a downgrade from a club that requires a premium home club access to another Snap Fitness which does not
  • All other scenarios will be covered in the automatic transfer protocol per the terms and conditions
* indicates required information
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