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2020-06-17 | By: Snap Fitness

For some, fitness is built into the daily grind. Certain jobs involve physical activity, so going to the gym or heading outside for a walk over your lunch break isn’t as welcome as a chance to kick back. But for those of us that work desk or office jobs, we have to get more creative.


If going to the gym or getting a higher intensity workout doesn’t fit into your schedule, there are plenty of ways to incorporate some techniques to improve your wellness at work.


Take Walk Breaks

Take a brisk walk over your lunch break, an extra stroll or two to the break room, use the restroom on another floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and park further away from the building. Any and all extra movement throughout the day will help ease the stiffness that can result from sitting for a long time and help burn a few calories.  


If you live close enough to work to walk, bike, or jog, throw that in the mix from time to time. It’s a great way to start the day off on the right foot.


Drink Enough Water

We all have heard drinking water is important to our health but staying hydrated throughout the workday is crucial to your energy levels and productivity. Water keeps you fresh, alert and keeps your head clear. Keep a water bottle at your desk and be sure you have a fresh water dispenser in the kitchen. Getting up to refill your water bottle will also kill two birds with one stone- hydration and a few walk breaks.


Eat Light Lunches

Avoiding heavy meals will keep you from hitting an afternoon slump and losing your energy. Prepare your meals ahead to time to make sure they’re lighter and healthier with plenty of veggies, fresh fruit, and lean proteins to keep your productivity up.


Get Outside

Even on your busiest days, it’s important to take time for yourself. Getting outside and away from your office, even for just a few minutes, is a great opportunity to re-center yourself. Being in the fresh air is a great opportunity to re-invigorate yourself!



Sitting at a desk all day can cause any number of neck and back issues. In between your walk breaks, take time to stand up and stretch every once in a while. If you talk on the phone a lot, consider using a headset or speakerphone to keep from straining your neck.


Know Your Limits

The most important thing to remember is that your health comes first. Know when you need to take breaks, when you need a day or two off, or if you need a long lunch to break up the day a little bit. Taking care of yourself will keep you productive and happy at work, which is what we all want!

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