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2020-04-24 | By: Snap Fitness

The idea of changing your way of being around food and exercise and living it as a lifestyle can be very overwhelming for some people. We often come up with reasons as to why it's difficult or even impossible to reach our goals. The idea of eating a certain way and exercising a certain amount for weeks, months or years can feel like too much. 

Well today we're going to share a little secret with you. Well not quite a secret but more a new way of looking at things! 

Open Your Mind

What if you only had to eat well just for one more meal today, could you do that? What if. today was the only exercise session you had to commit too, could you do that? Yes you could! And that's exactly how.  it is. The only day that you need to eat well and make your training session is today. 

Keep Your Efforts in the Present

Some of you might be thinking 'only eating well today won't get me to my goal'. While true, we’re trying to encourage you to look at this from a different perspective. The only day you need to commit to honouring your goals is TODAY. When tomorrow comes, you can decide whether or not you still want to eat the food you prepared over the weekend, or go to your PT session. By doing this, you remove a lot of the mental pressure and stress created by setting expectations and looking too far ahead.

For today, you can do absolutely anything you need to. When tomorrow comes, it will be today 'again' at which point you can recommit to your goals, just for today. By keeping your attention wholly and solely in the present, you reduce the anxiety or stress that arises as a result of projecting into the future.

If You Do Start To Stress About The Future...

Bring your focus back to what is happening in this moment. A great way to do this is to stop whatever you are doing and:

  • Say out loud - 5 things that you can see and 5 things you can hear. Take your time.
  • Then take a minute to reflect, what did you notice when you did this? Did you slow down?
  • Bring your attention to the next thing you need to do for your goals e.g. just focus on getting to, and getting through dinner


When you wake up tomorrow, practice the thought process mentioned above. If you find yourself worrying or stressing about future training sessions or meals, bring your mind back into the present moment focusing only on what you need to do TODAY.

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