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How to deal with uncontrollable stress and overcome resistance

2020-04-24 | By: Snap Fitness


Life is a continuous cycle of ever changing stages of stress and success. Most people have gone through many types of emotional challenges from grief, loss to fear and rejection. There can be countless variations of stress in some form or another throughout their lives. One of the foundational reasons for stress is that we feel it’s out of our control – if we could control it then it wouldn’t be stressful would it? The truth is that there is nothing that we can truly control we can only change our perception or beliefs around it. When we let go of our rigid ideas of how the universe should look and focus more on the joy of what we are creating and less on trying to control, we start to let go of some of the resistance that can arise at the beginning of any new project or goal.


How we mentally frame goals will either cause resistance or ensure compliance from our body to achieve success. Positive psychology is an ever evolving field that is emerging with the understanding that when we focus on building healthy traits and behaviours and have a sense of purpose in our lives we increase health, longevity and happiness. Focusing on a purpose that is personally meaningful keeps us aligned to achieving the goal that we desire to achieve. Having an understanding of our meaningful reason for doing anything will keep us on track when resistance arises. We tend to be more solution orientated when we hit these places of resistance and have more definition and boundaries to staying focused.


Our creative journey begins with what we truly want. A true sense of purpose comes from the joy of that which is being created as opposed to needing to fill a void in ourselves. The joy of living in a healthy fit body as opposed to disliking ourselves and our body is a subtle mind shift but never the less a crucial one. What happens when what we want is a completely new way of being? We can hit resistance simply because it’s a different behaviour. About 95% of our behaviour is unconscious. A large part of that behaviour has become a habit. Habits are patterns of behaviour that we repeat over periods of time that eventually become automatic. Researchers from the College of London University say it takes 66 days to 254 days to program in a new habit. This time varies with the complexity of what is being changed. For instance a habit of adding more water to your diet could take 66 days to become automatic as its relatively a small shift, but installing a whole new eating pattern can take much longer and depends on how long you have been doing the original behaviour.

The trick is to keep remembering the meaning behind your purpose and focus on the joy of what you are creating. Resistance is normal in any new venture and only serves to remind us that a new way of living comes from getting in touch with the joy of what we are creating. This in turn reduces our stress, increases our happiness and opens up more opportunity in our lives.

Article written and supplied by Vesna Pinter – Kinesiology

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