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Eight Easy Tips To Eating Out!

2020-06-15 | By: Snap Fitness

For most of us, eating out - date nights, celebratory dinners or just catching up with family and friends - is an important and enjoyable part of life. Some of you may have heard, read or may believe in order to be ‘healthy’ we need to avoid eating out; well thanks to the recent and heavy focus the nutrition industry has placed on the psychology around eating and food, we know this often isn’t the case. Why? Because:

- those who enjoy a more relaxed style of eating over the weekend (including eating out) are more likely to follow their normal and healthy style of eating from Monday to Friday AND

- those who follow restrictive diets, eliminate entire food groups and avoid social activities that involve food are more likely to engage in a restrict, overeat, restrict, overeat cycle.

In order to maintain the results obtained from engaging in a program like the 8 Week Challenge, the lifestyle changes we make need to be sustainable. So when you go out for a special dinner or have a function or event to attend, eat what you truly feel like. You don’t always need to look for the ‘healthiest’ option on the menu.

If however you eat out more often as part of your job, you have an especially busy week of socialising or you just want a few tips of how to choose more nutrient dense and less energy dense options when eating out, check out our eight easy tips to eating out!

  1. Consider the cooking method of the meal - go for grilled lean meat, chicken or fish. Avoid processed or fried meat!
  2. Pack in the veg! Choose a meal that contains 1-2 serves of vegetables
  3. Request a salad or cooked veg as a side. There are often a handful of delicious vegetable sides on the menu. You might be surprised how much you enjoy them!
  4. Grab a couple of meals to share between you and your friends! This way, you can try different meal options and you’re likely to eat to hunger rather than feeling like you need to finish everything on your plate!
  5. Choose tomato, olive oil or vinegar based sauces or dressings over cream based.
  6. Ask for your sauce on the side so you can decide how much you want on your meal.
  7. Do a little research before you head out. Perhaps add “healthy” into your search for a nearby restaurant.
  8. If you’re trying to reduce your alcohol intake drink sparkling water with a wedge of lime. If you are going drink, go for a glass or two of red wine. As it contains antioxidants we rank it number 1 when it comes to alcoholic drinks! 


​In the next couple of weeks organise a big dinner with friends and family. Choose a restaurant with some healthy options on the menu, share some delicious food, engage in meaningful conversation and make some memories!

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