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Member Journey | Bob and Chris

2020-07-22 | By: Snap Fitness

Bob and Chris have a beautiful story. One of love, support, and overcoming a major hurdle together. They have been members of Snap Fitness Southport from the very first day our doors opened 10 years ago!

Since the age of 15, weight training has been a massive part of Bob’s life, and it is through this sport that he met the love of his life, Chris.

In 1986 Chris competed in Great Britain’s ANB competition with Bob as a coach and number 1 supporter, taking away the winner’s trophy for Miss Senior ANB!

Exactly 20 years ago today, 11 years after they married, Bob suffered a major stroke which left him with limited mobility. Chris has been by his side every step of the way, coaching him through rehabilitation and his continued love for weight lifting.

On July 31st, Bob will be celebrating his 90th birthday!! Today we want to celebrate these two for their loyalty, dedication, and the undeniable love they share.

We are proud to have Bob and Chris as part of the Snap family, so we asked them to tell us more about their Fitness Journey.

How important is your health and fitness and to you?
Extremely. I need to be fit to look after Bob. He lost the use of his right side (arm and leg) after suffering a serious stroke 20 years ago.

What do you like most about coming to the gym?
We can fit it in between other activities by using more than one Snap which makes it more interesting.

What type of exercises do you do in the gym?
As Bob can’t transfer from his wheelchair to the machines any more, we use the cables and dumbells.  It’s surprising how many body parts you can work by the positioning of the wheelchair.

What made you join Snap Fitness?
We joined Snap in the opening week at Southport. We were shopping nearby and it attracted our interest. I was especially impressed with the trainer demonstrating who was obviously a few months pregnant and doing a great job!

What do you like most about Snap Fitness?
Bob started weight training when he was 15. It is something he has found beneficial since he was a young man growing up in the north of England. Now, in spite of his disability, after suffering a serious stroke 20 years ago, he can still benefit, even at the age of almost 90.

How does coming to the gym help you with your mental health, how does working out make you feel?
Actually I can say, neither of us has any mental problems, fortunately, but I can say that working out has always been a part of our lives and has been a vital part of Bobs ’rehab. When you have suffered a stroke, you really hang on to the things you could do before your stroke because there is now so much you CANNOT choose to do.

What results have you got from working out at Snap Fitness?
The results we gain from going to Snap are more about maintaining what skills and strengths Bob has than expectations of great improvements.

Why would you recommend Snap Fitness to someone else?
We like having a choice of going to more than one Snap venue to work out. We make it part of our plan for the week.

What keeps you coming back to Snap Fitness?
I think I’ve said it all except perhaps to say this.

In 1987, Bob helped me with my bodybuilding training when I competed in the ANB UK. Miss Senior Competition. I was successful in defending my title from the previous year and won First Place. Now, all these years later, it is mostly about him, keeping him fit and happy so that we can still enjoy our life together in Australia.

Things have inevitably changed for me too, as his carer, but I enjoy playing tennis, bike riding along The Broadwater and teaching tap dancing to “mature ladies” for The University of The Third Age,

We are living through a challenging time with COVID, but ”life is always what you make it”

So, Thank you Snap, for being part of that!.
Christine Rollinson for Bob and Chris Rollinson.

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