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Accepting Compliments

2020-05-08 | By: Snap Fitness

Congratulating ourselves and receiving compliments is something some of us feel comfortable with, but many don’t. The majority of people, when given a compliment:

  • dismiss it (no way)
  • minimise it (it’s only because...)
  • or change the topic immediately

Why? While the intent behind rejecting a compliment may seem simple - we want to appear humble or we don’t want to be perceived as arrogant - we are actually expressing or perpetuating the belief that we aren’t worthy of admiration.

It’s no surprise we aren’t good at accepting praise, most of us are very out of practice. How can we be expected to receive compliments when:

  1. We hardly ever give them to ourselves and
  2. our internal dialogue is so often negative… I’m not smart enough, attractive enough, funny enough.

So today we encourage you to try two things:

1. Practice complimenting yourself. It may feel strange at first, but try these few phrases:

  • I am grateful for what makes me different
  • I am proud of my individual talents
  • I am doing the best I can

2. When someone gives you a compliment, don't brush it off or minimize it. BREATHE, RECEIVE IT and ACCEPT IT.

Even if we don’t believe the compliments we give ourselves or those we receive from others, when we repeatedly practice these two things, we will start to change the negative feedback mechanism we reinforce everyday.

You don't have to scream it from the hilltops or shout it from the rooftops, but when someone gives you a genuine heartfelt compliment, breathe, receive it and accept it. Remember, the ability for you to receive a compliment says a lot about your self worth, and I’m sure we can all agree this is just as important as your physical health.

Practice complimenting yourself. If you’re not sure what to say, use the phrases above.

Practice receiving compliments - BREATHE and say THANK YOU

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