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10 Minute Ab Workout

2020-06-17 | By: Snap Fitness

In an ideal world, we’d all have six pack abs. Unfortunately, they take a lot of work to get! It seems that the conventional wisdom is doing a ton of sit ups will help supply them. Not only is that tedious, but you’re missing out on focusing on other muscles to help your abs become more defined.  

To start getting the stomach you’ve been dreaming of, we’ve developed a short 10 ab minute workout to burn some calories while also toning your tummy.

Not only will these exercises make your abs stronger, but your lower back, arms, and glutes will also be getting in a workout. Got 10 minutes to spare? Awesome. Then we’ve got an ab-solutely great ab workout for you.


Plank - 2 Minutes

The plank is known for working out nearly every muscle in your body, but it’s especially good for your core. Depending on your fitness level, there are a few variations in play. You can start in a push-up position and simply hold in place for a couple of minutes to get your core blasting. But if you want take things to another level, place your elbows on the ground with your palms facing downward. Start looking down, then lower your body weight and keep your head, torso and legs just a few inches above the ground. Now hold it. Stay as steady as you can without letting your back sink in.

Don’t worry, if you start shaking, that only means it’s working! After two minutes, release and get ready for you next exercise.


Leg Raise - 2 Minutes

Now switch things up by laying down on your back. Your legs are fully extended. Keep your back on the ground as you raise your legs up as high as you can while also keeping them straight. Bend your knees if you’d like something a little easier. Either way, when you get to the top of the movement, hold for a moment. Then slowly lower your legs back down, but not all the way. Keep them about an inch off the ground. Hold again for a moment. Keep repeating this movement for two minutes.


The Jackknife - 2 Minutes

At this point, you should be feeling a pretty good burn in your abdominals. But don’t give up! Only six minutes left to go. And if you need a small break to stretch out your muscles before going into the next movement, try out a Yoga cobra pose (start face down on the mat/ground and look up toward the ceiling while extending your arms and lifting up your core. Just make sure to keep your legs on the ground). Take this opportunity to get in a few deep breaths while also loosening up a bit.

The jackknife will challenge your flexibility while also working on your core. Interlace your hands and place them behind your head. Lie down with your feet stretched out on the ground. Rock yourself up like you would in a sit-up with your arms now extended as far as you can and your knees moving into your chest. Once you get to the top of the movement, lay back down and repeat. If you’re up for an advanced level, push your legs up straight in the air while you sit up. Then, slowly move back to the mat. Repeat.


Side Plank 1 Minute Each Side.

We kicked things off with a front plank. Now let’s move to the side to focus on the too often ignored quadratus lumborum muscles. It’s time to give them some much needed attention!

Start by putting your feet together and place one of your forearms beneath your shoulder. Turn your body to the side and raise your midsection off the ground. Place one foot on top of the other facing outward. Don’t let your body drop and keep your ab muscles engaged. Now, hold the position.

After one minute, give yourself a short breather and then move to the other side.

Bicycle Crunches - 2 Minutes

Let’s finish things off strong. If you need to get in a quick stretch, go for it. Otherwise, let’s jump right into bicycle crunches. Your obliques are about to get in quite the workout.

Lie back down on the ground and place your arms behind your head. Interlace your fingers. Bend your left knee and move it toward your chest while simultaneously lifting up your head and trying to touch your right elbow to your knee. Lower back down to the ground. Now do the reverse by lifting your right leg toward your chest while trying to meet it with your left elbow. Repeat.

That’s it. Keep going back and forth and try to get in a good rhythm. It’s challenging, but the hard work is worth it.

All right, you’re done! You rocked it. You just finished an awesome ab workout that you can do anytime you have a spare 10 minutes. Not bad!

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