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Experiencing Anger? You can manage your anger

AngerAnger is an entirely normal emotion to feel, and is usually quite healthy and temporary. But sometimes it...

Feeling Depressed? You are not alone with depression

DepressionIt is normal to have ups and downs in moods, but when you cannot shake your feelings of despair or e...

Let’s Explore Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is an eating behaviour that almost everyone with access to an abundance of food engages in. F...

Accepting Compliments

Congratulating ourselves and receiving compliments is something some of us feel comfortable with, but many don...

Making Long Lasting Behaviour Change

When engaging in a program or challenge that has fixed start and end dates, leaning about long term behaviour...

Sustaining A Healthy Style Of Eating For The Long Term

It's probably no surprise to you that by the time we reach early adulthood most woman and many men have tried&...

The Importance Of The Real Life Social Network

You've probably heard about Blue Zones, those areas in the world where it's not unusual but in fact very commo...

Finding the style of exercise that works for you and your lifestyle

Of all the people who start exercising, only about 30% are able to maintain it. And contrary to what a lo...

Intensity Techniques For Training

Intensity Techniques for TrainingWhen it comes to training, we all want to walk away feeling like we've given...

What is the 'RPE' scale?

​In sports and exercise, the rating of perceived exertion (RPE), is a frequently used quantitative measure o...

Back Pain - What Causes It And How To Avoid It

Because prevention is always better than cure, taking good care of your spine will increase your chances of st...

Spiced Apple & Chai Bircher Muesli Jar

SERVES 2 (DF) (V) (VEGAN) INGREDIENTS FOR THE STEWED APPLES1 large granny smith apple, diced into small cubes...

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