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Why do you need warm up exercises before a workout

2020-09-11 | By: Snap Fitness

24 hours in a day aren’t enough and most of us are guilty of trying to squeeze in a million things.  If this sounds like you and you’re still trying to nail your daily workout, but you don’t care to warm up beforehand, this article is for you. There are a myriad of reasons why it is extremely important to warm up before a workout. Let’s delve into them!

Benefits of Warm-Up Exercises

  • Warm-up exercises increase your body’s overall temperature and in turn raise the temperature of your muscles. Warm muscles are more flexible and can contract and relax easily during your main workout. This can help you get the best out of your workout and also avoid muscle injuries.

  • When your body temperature rises, your blood flow to your muscles increases, thereby increasing oxygen to these muscles. If you’re wondering why this is relevant, here us out. Oxygen acts as fuel to working muscles and when your muscles begin to get tired, they need more energy to function at their optimum and hence require more oxygen. By doing a few easy warm up exercises before your workout, you’re ensuring that blood vessels are ready to pump oxygen to working muscles which will also improve your endurance levels.

  • Warm up stretches before a long workout is exceptionally good for your joints. You can try shoulder warm-up exercises for your shoulders and elbows and a routine warm-up for leg day for your knees. By doing this, you will see a mark difference in your range of motion and also fluidity in your movements.

  • A warm up before a workout also helps to increase focus for the actual workout. It also gives you the time to clear your mind of all things and focus on yourself and dedicate all your mental energy to achieving your best.

If we have managed to convince you thus far, here are some warm up exercises for you to try:

List of gym warm up exercises      

Warm up exercise types vary according to different workouts. Here is a mixed bag of warm up exercises you can try at a gym near you.

Cardio Warm Up Routine:

1 minute High Knees
1 minute Inchworms
1 minute Jumping Jacks
1 minute Butt Kicks

 Strength Training Warm Up routines

Unlike a cardio workout which tends to be a full body workout, a strength training workout is usually split into upper body and lower body workouts. Therefore, it is essential to warm up particular muscle groups that are going to be used during your workout. Here are two warm ups you can try before you start:

For an Upper Body Workout

1 minute Push-Ups
1 minute Toe Touches
1 minute Mountain Climbers
1 minute Shoulder Taps

For a Lower Body Workout

1 minute air squats
1 minute half burpees
1 minute glute bridges
1 minute high knees

Ladies and Gentlemen, we hope you try these warm ups and get the best out of your daily workout. You can try these workouts at home or at a gym. If you are looking to learn some of these exercises we’d love for you to visit any of our Snap Fitness branches in Dubai. Our trainers are here for you, always!

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