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What you need to know about functional training at home

2020-04-20 | By: Snap fitness

The latest fitness buzzword everyone is talking about these days is “functional training” - that’s right, you heard it again. Like most fitness related terms, if this has you a bit perplexed, don’t sweat it (or do). Before delving in, you first need to know that functional training is legit, it’s important and everyone should be doing it. Psst...This article will break down all things functional training for you and save you the ordeal of dealing with the FOMO after this lockdown period is over!

What is functional training 

Most people start exercising to lose weight and to boost their immune systems. While that’s a great place to start, fitness experts all over the world think that the pay-off for time spent torching calories should be much much more than a ripped summer bod! Thus, functional training came to be. Functional Training exercises focus on fine tuning muscles to work in tandem with each other to perform daily tasks more efficiently. For example, a squat is a functional movement that targets muscles that are used while getting up from or sitting down on a chair. By strengthening such muscles, knee injuries and back injuries can be avoided. 

Benefits of functional training 

You might be wondering - Is functional training effective? Is functional training available at a gym near me? Or better yet, Is functional training for me? - YES, YES and YES.

Functional exercises use everything from the center of your body aka your core extending to your extremities aka your limbs to perform movements. Therefore, when carried out correctly, this training regime not only helps tone your body but also minimizes the risk of injuries by improving your basic biomechanics. This could especially help older adults.. If you’ve got this far in the article and are still contemplating if functional training is for you, below are some exercises you can try out at home.


Functional training exercise list at home 

Take yourself on a new fitness journey with these functional training workouts you can try in the comfort of your home. Here are some bodyweight exercises to try. We urge you to have fun with it and see what feels good to you! 

Do each of these exercises with as many reps as you can for 40seconds. Remember to take a 20-minute pause before moving on to the next exercise. Try and repeat this 4 times and see how you feel: 

  • Burpees
  • High knees 
  • Pushups
  • Sit-ups 
  • Air Squats
  • Jumping Jacks 

 Join the Gym for functional training (post lockdown)

If you think functional training is your jam and are looking to amp it up a bit, you can join a functional training class (virtually for now) at your nearest gym. Gyms incorporate functional training regimes in High-Intensity boot camps or in a tabata sequence by combining bodyweight movements, aerobics, weightlifting. 

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