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What better way to get fit than by hitting your nearest gym?

2019-09-24 | By: Snap Fitness

Nothing is more important than physical activity. And with more and more people becoming conscious about their health and lifestyle, gyms have become the go-to place for anyone looking to get in shape. Joining a gym enables for a balanced and regular workout program that may include various activities depending upon your needs like aerobic (endurance), strength training, muscle building etc. In today's ever so buzzing world many people find that joining a gym gives them a sense of routine in their daily lives. There are many health and psychological benefits of working out like a regular workout brings about not only a schedule to your life but helps in weight loss, promotes heart health, helps with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes (type II), depression, and stress related illnesses. Gym as an option to fitness is an excellent way of getting back in shape.And with the number of gyms popping up in the city you can easily find one near you in a matter of minutes.

A plan of action

The first step towards your fitness goals is establishing a workout plan with the help of your gym. This will vary from person to person depending on your needs. However, once you get the hang of it and strengthen your muscles and core, you could opt for other advance training in the gym. This workout will include a workout routine which will incorporate gym exercise, weight loss exercise, fitness exercises.

If you are a beginner your training workout should include running, treadmill; leg press; triceps pushdown; machine bicep curl; machine shoulder; butterfly; Ab crunch machine.

Strength training provides extraordinary results like increased muscle-fiber size, increased muscle contractile strength, increased tendon strength, increased ligament strength.

Eat Right

Apart from joining a gym other area which you need to concentrate while trying to get fit is to eat healthy foods. Fill your diet with foods that support your energy needs and muscle growth and make sure to eat at regular intervals throughout the day so that you have energy when working out because it is said that you’ll have a better workout when your body is properly fueled. Having a good diet plan is not only going to help you stay in shape but also lead to a healthy lifestyle choice. So, make sure you include enough calories in your diet. If you have joined a gym with the aim of losing weight, then you need to find the right number of calories to lose at a steady rate of 1/2 to 2 pounds a week. And above all stay fully hydrated.

Set Realistic Goals

Get in shape by setting for yourself realistic fitness goals by starting off slow workouts and formulate a workout plan that suits your needs. Apart from this, ensure that you seek guidance and workout tips from a personal fitness trainer at the gym or find a work partner.  Remember to focus on your progress instead of comparing your progress to others. After all, we all learn at a different pace and our constitutions are different too.

Don’t Forget the essentials

Never forget to warm up before a workout and drink plenty of water to keep yourself from getting dehydrated. Apart from eating right, it’s also essential to sleep well and kick unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking that will slow down your progress and increase the time your body takes to bounce back from rigorous weight-training and muscle repair.

Another important tip is to keep a record of what you do and your eating and exercising habits to find out what suits you best. By following these simple tips and pointers you will in no time find yourself enjoying life without those extra pounds or leading a much happier and fuller life.

There are a number of gyms in Dubai that will help you reach your fitness goals with the correct support and guidance.

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