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Top 4 best machines for weight loss at the gym

2020-07-20 | By: Snap Fitness

Have you ever walked into the gym and wondered which cardio machine is the best for weight loss? Or rather which cardio machine burns the most fat?  If weight loss is your ultimate goal, these are the best machines to help attain your target. 


Whether it is too hot outside or you don’t have the space to get in a jog or a walk, a treadmill is a great option to torch some calories. Once you’ve put in your basic information, the simple treadmill makes for a great piece of equipment. If you’re looking for a beginner’s weight loss workout using gym machines, a treadmill is a great place to start. This wonderful piece of equipment allows you to do everything from long runs to interval training. Whether it is a 60 minute brisk walk or a 60 second sprint, this is one of the best ways to lose weight at the gym. 


If you’re looking to crank up your workout by a notch or two, the elliptical is the perfect machine for some serious lower body burn. The elliptical primarily works on toning your thighs, glute and hammies without impacting your knees and ankles using running or jogging motions. This machine is known to help melt excess fat away in no time. If you don’t know what setting to use on this trendy machine, just ask one of our personal trainers for weight loss tips and tricks.


One of the popular questions asked by our members is - What should I do at the gym to lose weight fast? While there is no quick fix method to attaining a perfect bod, a total body workout definitely helps. A rowing machine for cardio manages to give you a full body workout in a jiffy. After the first few pulls we ensure a rise in heart rate and burn all over - your legs, arms, back and your core! Again, you can choose different modes on this machine but we warn you - a rowing machine is serious business. 


Most of you are well versed with the laissez faire stationary bike which is meant to emulate bicycles. But have you ever tried a spinning bike? That right folk, if you are looking to crank up that heart rate and get that weight loss underway, a spinning bike is definitely for you. Apart from working on your heart health, a spin bike is great for people who are injury prone, people who want to build lean muscle and definitely for people who like to adjust their bikes for the most efficient and comfortable ride.  So, if cycling is your thing, sign up for a spin class - you won’t regret it! 

Well, there you have it. Here are some machines we think will help you get in shape. 

If you’re still wondering if the gym is useful for weight loss, give one of these machines a spin at a Snap Fitness gym near you.

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