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Cardio before or After Weight Lifting- Which One Is Better?

2020-09-14 | By: Snap Fitness

You ask any fitness enthusiast who is a regular at the gym about the most preferred work out programs, and the unanimous answer would be - cardio and weight training. 

Still, one of the common dilemmas for every gym-goer is whether to do cardio before or after lifting weights. Well, the simple answer to this is - it largely depends on your individual fitness goals.

For instance, are you looking to build strength, improve your cardio fitness or trying to lose weight? That's precisely going to determine your workout sequence, and whether it is better to do cardio before or after weights.

Here's what the experts from Snap Fitness, the leading gym in Dubai have to say about how to prioritize.

Benefits of Cardio before Weights

Cardio is well-known to be effective at burning calories. Cardio before a workout is great because it gives you the chance to burn more calories over the course of the training session by spiking your heart rate initially. This, in turn, increases your internal temperature and elevates the metabolic demands placed on your body.

Another similar benefit of doing cardio before weights in your gym workout routine is that it ensures to keep your heart rate elevated, and enhances overall caloric burn for the entire workout.

Benefits of Weights before Cardio

One of the issues with cardio before weight lifting has to do with the fatigue that a cardio workout can induce. 

Excessive running can leave you tired, which then impacts the amount of force you can produce. In case of any injury where the muscles or the nervous system is even slightly impaired, then you'll face difficulty in performing optimally.

Weight training before cardio prevents your arteries from becoming stiff and helps you increase muscular strength.

So, What to Choose Cardio or Weights First?

Cardio before weights is a good idea if your goal is to be in shape with enough muscle to turn heads. By choosing to do the cardio workout first, you will elevate your heart rate as well as your internal temperature and metabolism. This will help you burn more calories than you would have if you were only lifting weights or lift weights first.

On the contrary, going to the weights directly allows you to have all the energy you need to lift as hard as you want. That makes it simpler to build huge muscles. Also, the anaerobic energy system that the body uses to power your weight lifting workouts isn't as efficient as the aerobic system, leading to fast depletion of your glycogen stores.

If your aim is to build strength, doing cardio after weight training is ideal as lifting is hard, and you would require all the energy (both physically and mentally) that you can get to avoid injury and properly lift weights.

Weight training should also come first if your primary goal is weight loss. A study also suggests that doing cardio after weight training helps to burn more fat during the initial period of that cardio workout versus doing cardio before weights.

Final Verdict

Every individual has different ideas for what they want to achieve in terms of the benefits of joining the gym. So, whether you do cardio or weight training first primarily depends on your reasons to be in the gym.

If you are training hard for a marathon, it's better to put most of your efforts in cardio at the start of your workout. Whereas if you are looking to improve your general health, do cardio after your strength training session for the best results.

In general, it is recommended to not do two workouts back-to-back. In order to achieve optimal results in both strength and endurance training, it is important to give your body sufficient time to recover. However, if you still wish to combine your strength and endurance training, the ideal solution is to follow the order best suited for your specific training goal.

At Snap Fitness, you'll find the best personal trainers in Dubai along with latest views and news on health and fitness that will help fast track you on your way to achieving your specific health and fitness goals.

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