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Benefits of Having a Gym Membership

2020-05-25 | By: Snap Fitness

In the fast-paced world of today, we often find ourselves battling to find enough time to do things for our well-being. Regardless, there are a few of us who make an extra effort to incorporate fitness into our lives. Additionally, fitness is a long term commitment which can be challenging a lot of times. If you’d like to prioritize yourself and make fitness part of your new life mantra, look no further. This article will give you enough reason to go down to your nearest gym and sign up today! 

Between you and me, if you’ve come 80% to committing to a healthier and happier life, a gym membership can truly take you through the last 20%. While a gym is often looked at as a space with fancy equipment, heart thumping music and bulging biceps, there are so many other benefits from gym memberships. We at SnapFitness believe in the holistic wellbeing experience and would like to walk you through a few benefits you can achieve from your gym membership.

One Size Does Not Fit All 

We understand how busy your schedule can get and we’re here to do the best we can to find you the best fit. By committing to a gym membership, you will not only have a state of the art gym but also 24/7 access so you can get your workout in, no matter what. This incentive makes sure you have NO excuses to skip a day at the gym. Most gyms today hire professional trainers with degrees and certificates related to sports science and nutrition. An expert can help you find a perfectly tailored fitness regime for yourself while incorporating your interests, goals, injuries, and health limitations (if any). 

Don’t Fret When You See New Tech 

We understand that new equipment can be overwhelming and unfamiliar. I mean who really likes to leave their comfort zone right? But, technology is always evolving; giving you better, faster results while making sure you are safe. The presence of an expert fitness trainer at the gym ensures your safety is paramount. By availing a gym membership, you can try something new with our trainers, and who knows, you might even end up loving it. Keeping abreast with technology will help you challenge yourself while avoiding monotonous movements at the gym. Speaking of technology, we at SnapFitness want you to work smarter without necessarily working harder. Our new MyZone Fitness heart rate monitors can help determine how much work you need to put in to get the best results for you. Simply strap on this heart rate belt and let it do the work for you - we told you a gym membership would be worth it...and we weren’t kidding!

The More, the Merrier

Working out solo every day can get a bit monotonous if you’re a social butterfly. It can be hard to keep yourself motivated. That’s why working out in a gym environment, with everyone from the rookie to the Ironman athlete, can provide the right atmosphere to keep yourself going. In addition to that, there are a variety of group classes, from Zumba to spinning, from tabata to strength and conditioning, that offer variety and the chance to train with a bunch of people. This not only makes it fun but also adds a bit of competition. Plus you get some new friends to hang with. 

At SnapFitness, you become part of the Snapnation and we keep you motivated to get those workout shoes on and hit the mats!

Discounts and Offers

Every gym has different membership options, with some offering pay-as-you-go membership which are flexible, and others offering periodic plans. At Snap Fitness, we’re offering an exclusive limited time offer for new members. Get an annual membership at AED 1999 only! Get in touch with us if you’d like to claim this offer. 

 Making the choice for a physically healthy life adds so much more than just lower weight on the scales. And getting a gym membership can be the first step on that journey. 

So, what are you waiting for? Find a Snap Fitness gym near you, and take the step. We’ll see you on the floor! 

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