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Benefits of Doing Squats

2020-06-26 | By: Snap Fitness

I mean who doesn’t want bulging biceps and a beautiful behind right?  One sure shot way to get it is by including squats into your workout routine. If you’ve dabbled with this idea but don’t know where to start or what variation to use - don’t fret. We’re here to break it down for you. 

Benefits of Squats 

Squats for Weight Loss:

There are numerous benefits of squats for weight loss and this is primarily because squats work on your quadriceps, glutes and hammies. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered “hey can lose belly fat by doing squats?” - our answer is Yes! because this versatile exercise also targets your abdominal muscles. While performing weighted front squats or weighted back squats you cause intense contractions in your abs and some trainers at gyms in Dubai to argue that they might be more effective than traditional ab crunches - seeing is believing.

Squats for Joints:

 Apart from strengthening your core, there are numerous benefits of squatting everyday. One of the benefits of squatting is better joints in the knees and ankles. Bending and stretching the knee and ankle joints while performing a squat doesn’t only lubricate them but also increases the oxygen supply and in turn the blood flow to these joints. 

Squats for healthy lower back:

Squats are directly proportional to a healthy lower back. Oftentimes, when members complain about lower back pain, our trainers recommend adding squats to their workout regime. This is because squats help strengthen lower your legs and abdominal and absorb pressure which would otherwise be borne by the vertebral column. If you are someone who can relate to this, we at SNAP Fitness highly recommend taking part in a 30-day squat challenge. If you are somewhat keen, yet apprehensive, our personal trainer can help you step up to the squats! 

Types of Squats 

Now that you have the low-down about the benefits of performing squats and adding them to your daily exercise routine. If you’re thinking about which squats are the most effective, we think that all squats add value to your workout regime and target muscles at varying degrees - it depends on what you’re looking for specifically.  Here are different squats variants you can try depending on your fitness levels.

Barbell Front Squats - Loaded anteriorly this squat is sure to work on your squat balance by assuring you maintain the center of gravity - keeping your core and glutes engaged and your heels on the ground definitely help. Additionally, this squat is very beneficial for people who need to work on shoulder and wrist mobility. 


Goblet Squat - If you’re looking to torch those abdominal muscles while building a better rear, this squat is definitely for you. Using a shoulder-width stance, the goblet squat follows the same trajectory of a regular squat, except in this variation you typically hold a kettlebell or sandbag while performing this squat. It is great for HIIT workouts.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go on and get squatting! 

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