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A Beginner’s Guide to the Ultimate Leg Workout

2020-08-17 | By: Snap Fitness

When it comes to workouts, leg days are extremely dreadful yet a lot of fun as our legs and thighs comprise of our bodies largest muscles & legs also play an important role in our mobility.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the ultimate lower body training, where we cover a few basics for a high-impact leg day.

Know Your Leg Muscles

While working on leg workout training, we must focus on four basic muscles - quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

All of these muscles work together to help us bend the knees, move our legs forwards, and backwards. Therefore while working on your legs, keep in mind that you’re incorporating all those exercises that individually focus on all four muscles.

Don't Skip Warm-Up

In a hurry to save time, we’re often tempted to skip warm-ups and jump right into a high-intensity leg workout at the gym. The biggest blunder you can do is to avoid warm-up, because warm-up exercises pump up our cardiovascular system, increase blood flow, and help prepare the body for aerobic activity. It’s also known to reduce muscle soreness and save you from the risk of long-lasting injuries.

It’s similar to kick-starting and revving a motorbike - you have to warm up your body to get better results. If you dedicate a good 15-20 minutes of warm-up then you’re good to go.

How Often Should You Do Leg Day?

For intermediates and above, fitness trainers recommend intense lower body workout not more than three times per week. And they recommend targeting different parts of the leg on each of these successive days.

If you are a beginner, you should start simple i.e. 3-4 variations of low-intensity exercises, along with cardio, spread over four times per week. Then, depending on your fitness level and progress, move on to incorporate high-impact exercise for legs and thighs about three times a week.

What Gym Equipment Is Best for Legs?

 Conditional to your comfortability, you can use different gym equipment either individually or in an intense leg-circuit day regime. For best results, you can use equipment like hamstring curl machines, leg extension machines, hip abduction, barbell, etc. As beginners, you can start with squats, lunges, and wall–sits. For better results and high impact, include weights and resistance bands.

If you’re still unsure about the right technique and best exercises for legs, contact a trainer at the nearest gym e.g. Snap Fitness, and they will give you the right advice. Snap Fitness aims to stay committed to your fitness journey and give you the best advice on equipment, posture, and overall healthy living.


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