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5 Best Core Exercises You Should Do Everyday

2020-10-26 | By: Snap Fitness

When it comes to fitness, it is often your core muscles that end up getting the least importance. The exercises are also often limited to just sit-ups and crunches. However, core exercises should be a vital part of your fitness regime and should feature in your everyday routine.

The most interesting aspect of these core exercises is that they don’t require any specific equipment or fancy accessories. They can even be customised to suit your fitness needs.

Why is Core Strength Important?

There are a plethora of benefits of having a strong core. Core strength improves your overall balance and the flexibility of your body, making you more agile and fit. The benefits of core strength also include an improvement in your posture, improvement in your endurance levels, alleviation of back pain issues, toning of your abs and the strengthening of your muscles to a great extent.

What is the Best Way to Build Core Strength?

There is a whole assortment of fun exercises that you can explore to build your core strength. When we say “core”, we are basically talking not just about your abdomen muscles but also your back muscles, obliques, your spinal region, rectus and traverse abdominis (pelvis and trunk). Any exercise that has the ability to activate your glutes, hip muscles, thigh and abdomen muscles (or a combination of these) can be an ideal core exercise for you. If you have access to a good gym in Dubai, then you can also try workouts using the core exercises gym machines built specifically to train your core muscles.

If you are a beginner and are looking for an easy exercise to start with, the famous pilates toe-tap is one of the best core exercises for beginners. Lie on your back, lift your legs to a 90-degree angle from the ground and gently lower each leg alternatively and tap on the ground. Repeat at least 15-20 times.

What Are The Most Effective Core Exercises?

You can try out a wide variety of core exercises based on your fitness needs and your ability. Here are three of the best core exercises that you can try:


This is one of the best core workouts that you can include in your fitness regimen. This isometric exercise is similar to push-ups and involves holding onto the position for an extended amount of time. This is ideal for people wanting to shed calories and get in shape. It also helps in improving your overall posture and flexibility. You can take it to the next level with some variations to the basic plank based on your capability.

2. Leg Raise

This is very effective on your lower abs and hip flexors. This involves lying on your back, lifting your legs up to a 90-degree angle, lowering it till it reaches the ground and then lifting it up again to repeat. Depending on your capability, you can either work both your legs simultaneously or take turns between alternate legs.

3. Sit-Ups & Reverse Crunch

If you want more abdominal activity, then this exercise is the perfect solution for you. It helps in working your obliques, glutes, neck muscles, transverse, and rectus abdominis. These are very easy core exercises that you can practice every day. For the sit-ups, you need to lie on your back and then lift up your torso without balancing your body with your hands.

If you don’t want to go with the traditional sit-ups, you can try the reverse crunch wherein you would start in the sitting position and then slowly lower yourself down while keeping your legs raised. By this, your body would not rely on the momentum that your body would gain while doing the traditional sit-ups.

4. Side Heel Touch

This is again another awesome core exercise that helps in making your abs toned and defined. For this, you must lie on your back and crunch your legs. Then, touch your right heel with your right hand and then your left heel with your left hand. For best results, you must repeat this at least for a minute every day. 

5. Flutter Kicks

If you want to particularly target your lower abs, then you must include this in your daily exercise regimen. Lie on your back with your spine straight. Slightly lift your legs to form a  45-degree angle with your body. Then, move your two legs apart and bring them closer again. While bringing them closer, make sure that the two legs cross on another. Move them apart again and bring them closer such that the other leg is on top this time. Repeat it for over a minute.

Does Core Exercise Reduce Belly Fat?

While you can't shed belly fat by working on your core muscles alone, you can definitely try a combination of specific core exercises along with a healthy lifestyle and another specific workout routine to eliminate belly fat. Exercises like aerobics and resistance training, when coupled with core exercise, can give you the desired effect when done diligently.

There are many core exercises gyms like Snap Fitness that can help you understand your workout requirements and chart out a proper fitness regimen to suit your body’s needs.

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