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Cardio before or After Weigh

Cardio before or After Weight Lifting- Which One Is Better?

You ask any fitness enthusiast who is a regular at the gym about the most preferred work out programs, and the...

warm up

Why do you need warm up exercises before a workout

24 hours in a day aren't enough and most of us are guilty of trying to squeeze in a million things.  If t...

Cardio vs HIIT

What’s More Beneficial for Fat Burn — Cardio or HIIT?

Whether you're a beginner or a fitness expert, you must be quite familiar with the long-existing duel between...

Beginner’s Guide to Squat Variations, Types and Form

When we think of lower body exercises the first thing that comes to mind is squats. Squats may make you hate t...

leg workout in gym

A Beginner’s Guide to the Ultimate Leg Workout

When it comes to workouts, leg days are extremely dreadful yet a lot of fun as our legs and thighs comprise of...

The Many Benefits of Joining a Gym in Dubai

It's no surprise that good health and exercise go hand in hand. And with more and more people becoming conscio...

Top 4 best machines for weight loss at the gym

Have you ever walked into the gym and wondered which cardio machine is the best for weight loss? Or rather whi...

Benefits of Doing Squats

Benefits of Doing Squats

I mean who doesn't want bulging biceps and a beautiful behind right?  One sure shot way to get it is by i...

Boost Your Immune System with These Easy Exercises

Research has proven time and again that exercise improves the immune and metabolic sy...

HIIT Workouts: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

HIIT workouts have been all the rage in the world of fitness thanks to their efficiency and results. They don'...

Benefits of Plank Exercises

When it comes to a defined six-pack, everyone wants in. The key to having washboard abs besides nutrition is c...

Benefits of Having a Gym Membership

Benefits of Having a Gym Membership

In the fast-paced world of today, we often find ourselves battling to find enough time to do things for our we...

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