Get fit with easyFIT


What is easyFIT

  • Always with you

    easyFIT is a small, wearable body motion monitor that converts your daily activity and calorie burn into one simple point score. Every bit of activity translates into easyFIT points!

  • Keeps you motivated

    Using easyFIT is like having your own personal fitness coach with you all the time. Track your fitness with one simple number - the more points you get, the more fit you'll be.

  • Gives you a plan

    Staying active is only half the battle. Connect your easyFIT to for customization nutrition and exercise plans, plus tips on healthy living.

  • Helps you reach goals

    Once your easyFIT is connected to, you can track your progress, set goals, even participate in fitness challenges. And you'll find a supportive, motivating online community.


How easyFIT works

  • 1

    Clip it

    Unlike a pedometer, easyFIT measures more than just motion. It tracks your activity intensity, duration and calorie burn, converting it all to one simple point score.

  • 2

    Sync it

    Connect easyFIT to, your personal fitness and nutrition website for exercise routines, meal plans and achievements. easyFIT will connect with your profile to use your height, weight, age and gender to calculate your points.

  • 3

    Track it

    easyFIT talks to so you can track your progress from day one and see where you rank.

  • 4

    Reach your goal

    The easyFIT program keeps you motivated every day. It's the easiest way to set your goals and meet them.


What your daily point score means

easyFIT gives you one simple point score every day to measure your activity. What's your number?

Inactive Range

This is basically your score if you're lying in bed all day.

How you'll feel: Sluggish and surprisingly, tired. May have trouble sleeping and may gain weight.


Sedentary Range

You spend most of the day sitting at a desk, or at rest.

How you'll feel: Mentally foggy, more stressed. Increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer (but decreased sex drive!)


Heart Health Range

You're getting moderate exercise, like walking, most days.

How you'll feel: More alert and rested. More energy and decreased risk for all of the above!


Weight Loss Range

You're getting serious about exercise for weight loss.

How you'll feel: Better and better, and your body's in the right range to burn fat.


Endurance Range

Your body's at peak performance.

How you'll feel: Able to run a marathon! Your body's using oxygen more efficiently and your heart is up to the challenge.


What others are saying about easyFIT

What others are saying
  • "It's so easy to stay on track with my workouts with easyFIT and it's fun to compete with myself and others. I make sure I get more points each day."

    - Kathy M.

  • "easyFIT has motivated me to be more active and for the first time in a ling time, I feel confident about myself. I don't know what I'd do without easyFIT."

    - Melinda B.

  • "I want to take my workouts to the next level and the easyFIT motivates me to try and get to the top of the leaderboard."

    - Rob B.

  • "I know losing weight will give me the confidence I'm looking for and easyFIT is giving me the motivation I've needed - It's time to start living my life for me."

    - Deanna S.