By: Jodi Sussner, Director of Personal Training

This is the time of year when gorgeous weather gets us moving outdoors, or motivates us to hit the treadmills with a little more intensity to prepare for an outdoor running event!  If you haven’t run a 5k and you’ve always wanted to, this article is meant just for you!


According to Running USA, roughly 23,000 5K races were held across the country in 2012! With over 13 million road race finishers, running is not slowing down any time soon.  I want you to be a part of that trend AND improve your overall health and fitness in the process.  So, I have put together a 5k training program that you can do right in your Snap Fitness club.  Taking the first step is always the toughest – let’s leap!


Check back for Part 2 of “How to Prepare for your first 5k” in 2 weeks.  At that point, you will have 2 weeks of this training plan under your belt and will be ready to focus on some of the common problems or errors that beginning runners make.  I’m here to guide you along the way so that you have a great 5k experience.


Rundown to Running: Here is an 8-week sample workout to get you up and running and ready for your first 5k race!