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Why I Work Out: George H. from Illinois

By: Snap Fitness

As you’ve seen on our social media accounts, one question we’ll often ask our audience is what motivates and inspires them to work out. It can be a range of motives: health, family, friends, and so on. One of our members, George H. from Illinois, sent us a letter that touched our hearts. We love hearing these stories and sharing them with our Snap Fitness community. Here’s what George sent us:


"There are many reasons why people exercise. Whether it is for weight loss, improved health, or increased performance, every exercise (just like life) should be driven by motivation and inspiration.



I primarily exercise to compete and perform well in a wide variety of activities.  I have two main sources of inspiration that I use to push myself as hard as I can. The first source is from the energy of the people around me. This comes from the racers excitingly waiting for the gun to go off, from the 75-year-old grandmother relentlessly making her way up Mt. Fuji, and from the commitment and camaraderie I see in my fellow Snap Fitness members and staff at every visit. These people inspire me to push myself to my limits, to know that age has no meaning, and to perform to the best of my abilities. 


The second source of my inspiration comes from those who cannot.  In the few years I had with my father, he had showed me that adventures bring a whole new meaning to the word “life." When I do events for the American Lung Association, I feel myself continuing the battle against lung disease that my sister fought against so bravely for so many years. 



Of course, my biggest inspiration comes from my girlfriend who suffers from a muscular disease which leaves her incapacitated most of the time. Even so, she had found the strength to attend (and volunteer) many of my events and is always my biggest cheerleader. It is sobering during events when I remind myself that the fatigue or pain I feel is only temporary and will quickly recover. Not everyone is so lucky.



I want to thank Snap Fitness for being an integral part of my life these many years. I proudly wore (or waved) the Snap Fitness shirt throughout the world.”


Thank you so much for sharing, George.

My Snap Fitness Success Story: Jeff B. from Minnesota

By: Snap Fitness

Jeff B. joined Snap Fitness in the middle of October last year. “During the summer, I did long-distance bike riding to get in shape. Once bike season was over, I needed something to do to stay in shape,” Jeff said. After trying his neighborhood Snap Fitness one day, the 42-year-old dad was hooked.


While Jeff’s primary club is in Litchfield, Minn., he’s made a point to frequent other Minnesota clubs – 23 to be exact. Including Litchfield, he’s worked out at the Arlington, Paynesville, Glencoe, Victoria, St. Augusta, St. Joseph, Willmar, Norwood-Young America, Dassel, Cokato, Cold Spring, Victoria, Spicer, Annandale, Mayer, Eden Prairie, Maple Lake, Waconia, St. Bonifacious, Waite Park, and Hutchinson clubs.


“I decided to go to different locations to see what equipment they have,” Jeff said. “It’s fun to see how I can challenge myself at each location.”


A typical workout for Jeff consists of cardio on the treadmill or bike then dumbbell lifting. “I enjoy working out, and Snap Fitness has good equipment,” Jeff said.


It’s no surprise that Jeff’s health has improved. Last March, he was a heavy Mountain Dew drinker. After a doctor visit, he knew he had to change his lifestyle if he wanted to avoid developing type II diabetes or heart problems. Since joining Snap Fitness, he’s lost 24 pounds and quit drinking Mountain Dew, allowing his blood sugar and cholesterol levels to drop. “All my coworkers, family, and friends say I’m looking great,” Jeff said.


Jeff said he’d recommend Snap Fitness to anyone looking for a great gym membership. “It’s really worth it,” he said.


Keep up the great work, Jeff! We are proud of you.

You Can #BeTheFirst!

By: Snap Fitness

What is #BeTheFirst?


It's a movement to encourage people to break out and be different from their norm. We want you to follow your own unique fitness lifestyle.


What are you the first in your family to do? Go to college, buy a home, get a brand new car? How about being the first in your family to get a gym membership? In your group of friends, were you the first to get a job after college, save money for your first apartment, change your diet and eat healthy, get a gym membership and start taking care of your health? Dedicating yourself to new, healthy choices is a big deal; you should be proud of your accomplishments, big or small!


There are many ways you can #BeTheFirst at accomplishing something. If you put your mind and heart into it, you can do great things. You'll also be an inspirational example to those around you.


This is an interactive campaign we'll be doing for the next month. Share your #BeTheFirst moments with us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts! We look forward to hearing your stories.

My Snap Fitness Success Story: Tom G. from Lower Burrell, PA

By: Snap Fitness

Tom G. battled weight problems for most of his life. He put on a lot of weight during and after high school. His eating habits were horrible; he ate fast food sometimes twice a day. Although Tom tried several times to lose weight, he couldn't stay motivated and would put the weight back on—plus more.


A divorce in 2009 and a ruptured Achilles tendon in 2010 sent Tom into a depressive state. His comfort? More food. At this time, he weighed close to 400 pounds. In 2011, Tom met his future wife and the following year, she gave birth to their daughter. Despite this newfound happiness, Tom wasn't pleased with the way he looked.


On Jan. 2, 2013, he went to his doctor for an issue with his shoulder. They discovered his blood pressure was 155/120, and he weighed 450 pounds. Tom finally vowed to change his lifestyle for his wife and daughter.


He joined Snap Fitness in Lower Burrell, PA, shortly after. Although he could barely manage 15 minutes on the treadmill, he stuck with it. "I was embarrassed at first when I started, but then I realized that everyone was there for the same reason I was: to get healthy," Tom said. He also gave up fast food, pop, junk food, processed sugars, and most red meat.


Soon after, Tom's hard work and dedication started paying off. He went from 450 to 370 pounds, dropped several pants and shirt sizes, and didn't need to take his blood pressure medication anymore.


"I'm 50 weeks into my weight loss journey," Tom said. "I still have a long way to go on my journey, but I will never give up. This isn't a diet; it's a permanent change."


Keep up the hard work, Tom! We believe in you.

My Snap Fitness Success Story: Loretta D. of Franksville, WI

By: Snap Fitness

When Loretta D. first joined the Snap Fitness in Franksville, WI, last January, she weighed 222 pounds and liked working out in the middle of the day when nobody else was around.

On March 1, she signed up for her club's "Weight Loss Challenge," which included weighing in during staffed hours. That's how she met her location's manager, Laurie.

Laurie's encouragement and enthusiam gave Loretta the extra motivation she needed. Loretta started doing new exercise routines and working out with fellow gym members.

Six weeks later, Loretta lost 32 pounds and won the "Weight Loss Challenge." She says she exercises four times weekly; cardio all four days and strength training on three. In addition, Loretta's eating habits have improved. She eats healthy three or four times daily with snacks in between. She gets one "free day" each week to eat whatever she wants, but after that, it's back to the healthy choices!

Loretta is now down to 145 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 8. She says she has less body aches and enjoys her new life.

Way to go, Loretta!

My Snap Fitness Success Story: Bethany R. gets her college body back

By: Snap Fitness

Bethany R. in Tupelo, MS was always an active person, playing sports all through college. After graduation, however, her health and fitness took a backseat to her professional life.

”I was starting to gain weight and not really taking care of myself,” she says. “Playing soccer wasn’t really an option for me anymore so I decided I needed to start working out.”

Bethany joined the Snap Fitness in Tupelo six months ago, and has already seen dramatic results.

”I started running on the treadmill, then I incorporated the arc trainer. After about a month of that I worked my way up to being able to run 30 to 50 minutes without stopping.”

In addition to building up her fitness level, Bethany also started to see big improvements in her body.

”I started out weighing 142 pounds and now I’m down to 121,” she says proudly. “I lost three inches in my waist, and my BMI has had a dramatic decrease. It feels great.”

These days, Bethany makes fitness a regular part of her life.

”I do 30 to 45 minutes of cardio four or five days a week, and lift weights about three times each week. Snap Fitness is awesome because they have tons of classes and trainers to help me mix up my workouts, and I started taking yoga classes to help me strengthen and tone my body. For me, working out isn’t just a way of staying healthy and keeping a good weight; it’s a way of life.”

My Snap Fitness Success Story: Mike D.'s Three Year Weight Loss Journey

By: Snap Fitness

Three years ago, Mike D. wasn’t in a place he wanted to be physically.

He weighed 300 pounds, his health was deteriorating and, worst of all, he felt like he wasn’t the best role model for his son. That’s when he realized it was time for a change.

“I joined the Snap Fitness in Edmonton, AB, and decided to really challenge myself,” he says.

Thanks to the tremendous staff at trainers at his club, Mike began to drop the fat, build muscle, and start feeling better about himself.

“I knew I needed to be an example for my son, and show him what you can accomplish through hard work,” he says proudly. “On top of that, when my wife and I got married I wasn’t a fat guy, and it was important to get back into shape and be that guy she married. Who wants to lie next to a naked fat guy?”

In the past three years, Mike has dropped 70 pounds and has even gone on to participate in a physique contest to show off his new body.

“I’ve had great mentors and coaches since joining Snap Fitness, and I’m proud of the transformation they’ve helped me to achieve,” he says. “I’m looking forward to setting new goals and proving it to myself that I can go even further.”

My Snap Fitness Success Story: Dr. John M. from Tupelo, MS Loses Weight, Gains Self-Esteem

By: Snap Fitness

Three years ago, Dr. John M. was going through a rough time in his life both mentally and physically.

”I weighed 295 pounds and I was miserable with my life and with myself,” he shares. “I lacked the energy and motivation to enjoy life. I was eating all the wrong things and spending way too much time on the couch. To help me get out of my rut, I decided to start riding my motorcycles again, which was probably my worst decision ever.”

Dr. John ended up wrecking his bike and tearing his superficial Peroneal nerve, which left him with partial paralysis of his right leg. While some people would use this tragedy as an excuse to give up, he did just the opposite.

”I decided that I wasn’t going to let life beat me down.”

Dr. John began physical therapy and quick realized that he had more energy and felt better thanks to the endorphin rush he got from working out. Once he ended his therapy, his next step was obvious: it was time to join Snap Fitness.

”I joined the Snap Fitness in Tupelo, MS and have been coming to the club an average of four times a week for the past two years,” he says proudly. “I do 40 minutes on the elliptical to help with my ongoing rehab, and approximately 20 minutes of lifting weights. That, combined with eating the right things has helped me look and feel better than I ever have before.”

Aside from looking and feeling better, Dr. John’s self-esteem has come full circle in the past three years.

”I have never felt this good about myself mentally or physically,” he says. “The one thing I’ve learned is that there’s no gimmick that works when it comes to losing weight. It’s all self-determination, motivation and striving to hit your goals. That’s worked wonders for me, and I look forward to continuing my journey of a healthy lifestyle at Snap Fitness.”

My Snap Success Story: Najib C. Overcomes Injuries and Loses 100 Pounds

By: Snap Fitness

Najib’s weight struggles began like many others – from an injury.

A personal chef, Najib C. slipped and fell on the job, leading to a torn meniscus and a lot of cartilage damage around the patella. This left him sedentary for a full year as he recovered. While his activity level slowed down, his diet didn’t.

“I’m a chef that loves to eat,” says Najib. “So it really wasn’t good that aside from physical therapy I couldn’t do any other working out.”

He began to gain weight and decided that as soon as the doctors gave him the green light to begin exercising, he was going to make some changes. That’s when he joined Snap Fitness.

“I decided to join Snap Fitness because there are three locations close to me in the Chicago area, making it easy for me to work out whenever I want,” he says.

He started running on the treadmill and soon began working out a minimum of three times a week. In addition, Najib began watching what he ate. The result? Today he has lost nearly 100 pounds and 23 percent of his total body fat.

“I love my new lifestyle,” he says proudly. “Snap Fitness made it so easy for me to getting a regular workout schedule, and now it’s part of my life.”

Not only is he still working on his own fitness goals, but Najib has become so inspired that he is now a personal trainer at the Snap Fitness locations in Glenview and Palatine, IL.

“He’s been such a great asset to our gyms as a personal trainer,” says David Yocum, owner of the Glenview and Palatine locations. “The members watch his journey and have been inspired by what he’s accomplished. We couldn’t be more proud.”

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