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Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

By: Jodi Sussner, Director of Personal Training

Apple cider vinegar is a completely natural product. It is made from apple juice which is fermented into hard apple cider. Once this process is complete, the hard apple cider is then fermented a second time to apple cider vinegar. Most people are unaware that apple cider vinegar boasts many healthful benefits, such as; boosting hair and skin health to aiding in weight loss, this wonder drink seems to have it all.  Thankfully the benefits of apple cider vinegar just might outweigh the taste! 


-Use Apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a hair rinse to naturally remove chemical build up and increase shine.  Combine ½ tablespoon ACV and 1 cup of water – rinse through hair after shampooing/conditioning.  This can be done several times per week!
-Apple cider vinegar can regulate the PH balance of your skin – simple dab a small amount onto a cotton ball and smooth over face after cleansing for a natural toner.
-ACV can remove stains from teeth!  My oldest stains on his lower teeth and after many attempts at removing, from changing our toothpaste to consulting our dentist, apple cider vinegar did the trick!  Simple dab onto a Cotton swab and scrub – rinse immediately with water and do not soak. Excessive use and leaving it on the teeth can actually be corrosive.
-The PH balanced nature of ACV can help relieve sunburn!  Place 1 cup into a warm bath and soak for 10-15 minutes.
-Apple Cider Vinegar has been shown to aid weight loss.  Combine 2 teaspoons into water daily – enjoy the increased energy it provides.  Current research points to the active ingredient, acetic acid as the primary reason for its successful use in weight loss.
-Remove odor from shoes – simply combine 1-2 tablespoons of ACV and water into a 12 ounce spray bottle.  Spray into shoes and leave to dry – the antimicrobial qualities will kill any odor causing bacteria.

You don’t have to suffer through the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar either.  Dilute 1-2 teaspoons in 12-16 ounces of water and sip throughout the day.  Or better yet, combine 1T in 1-cup of warm water plus 1T of honey and enjoy!


See the recipe below for a light, tasty apple cider vinaigrette recipe:


Snap Fitness Helps You Find Your Super Powers!

By: Snap Fitness

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Find Your Finish Line this Summer

By: Snap Fitness

Whether you’re a hardcore adventure athlete, a weekend warrior, or you’ve never completed an athletic competition in your life, there’s a race out there for you.

Each summer thousands of people from all across North America set their sights on completing a 5K or 10K road race, an extreme mud run, or even a full-blown marathon. In fact, Snap Fitness members are eligible for special registration discounts at several of these types of races, including the Run for Your Lives 5K (a zombie-infested obstacle run), Hero Rush (a four-mile course with 17-20 unique, firefighter-themed obstacles), and LoziLu (a 5K women-only mud run). With the nice weather outside and the opportunity to conquer a new goal alongside friends and family, finding a summer event to train for is a great way to keep you engaged in your workouts.

But before you lace up your shoes and paint your face for battle, it’s important to decide which event is right for you, and what it’s going to take to find your finish line this summer.

Set the bar high; but not out of reach – There are dozens of races from all over the country, with varying degrees of distance and difficulty. While it’s great to want to push your limits and tackle that next great challenge, it’s important to start off at the level that’s right for you.

It’s much better to cross the finish line of a race you were prepared for feeling ready to step up to the next challenge, than feeling frustrated from struggling in an event you probably weren’t  quite ready for in the first place. Start slow, build your confidence, and keep raising the bar a little more each time.

Don’t ditch the gym – We totally understand where you’re coming from: The fresh air, sunshine, and scenery are all reasons you might think it’s time to temporarily break up with your Snap Fitness membership for the summer. In reality, if you’re looking to perform at your very best – regardless of what type of event you’re training for – strength training is an essential part of the process.

Ask any personal trainer, and they’ll tell you how finding the right balance of cardio, weights and cross-training will make you a more effective runner, mudder, or even zombie. 

Check out our Facebook page for workout guides created specifically for the Run For Your Lives and Hero Rush races.

Step out of your comfort zone; but don’t abandon it altogether – When it comes to selecting a fun run, there are plenty of new, fresh ways to keep you motivated. Whether its bursts of color, action hero-like obstacles, or just the allure of a quiet stretch of road free from distractions, there’s something for everyone. But the most important thing when it comes to picking your fun run? FUN!

It’s great to push yourself and try new things, especially if it’s going to help you mix up your workouts. But at the end of the day, after all of that hard work and training, the race itself is meant to be the reward. Make sure it’s something you’ll be proud of, and try to have a little bit of fun along the way.

Need help finding the right race in your area (or figuring out how to get ready for it)? Talk to a trainer or staff person at your club, and let them get you started towards your finish line today!


Announcing the 2013 Lose Weight Challenge winners!

By: Snap Fitness

For six weeks this spring, Snap Fitness members from all across the U.S. and Canada were dropping pounds, building muscle, and competing to win big cash and prizes as part of the $25,000 Lose Weight Challenge!

Nearly 15,000 members participated in the challenge, losing roughly 30,000 pounds in the process! But in the end, one “loser” stood apart from the pack.

George F. from Barrie, ON dropped 81.1 pounds, resulting in a loss of 32.3 percent body fat! 

“Competing in the Snap Fitness Lose Weight Challenge was one of the most difficult, and rewarding things I've done,” said George, who made the choice to join the Challenge after facing a number of obstacles.

“For the last decade or so I've been struggling with weight, this past year being the worst. In early 2012 my father needed major heart surgery opening my eyes to the changes I need to make, but with a serious leg injury early spring all my hard work and training had been halted. Not only that, being in a cast for several months and many more of rehab, I hit an all time high for weight; and low for health. I needed a change, but was having trouble finding the right motivation. That was until I found out about the Lose Weight Challenge.”

Over the next six weeks, George began to find his rhythm. His new routine would start with a morning cardio session, followed by some weights after work, and finally a second cardio session in the evening. In addition, he took advantage of the Truestar nutrition and vitamin program in order to get started on a plan to help him get better results.

Thanks to his hard work, George is not only healthier and happier, but also receives $5,000 cash, $1,000 in Truestar vitamins and supplements, plus a trip to a sunny destination (see the complete list of winners below)!

While he says the prizes were motivation, the real reward comes from the long-term benefits of losing the weight. “I could never thank Snap Fitness and Truestar enough for giving me my life back!”

Lose Weight Challenge Top 10 Winners (*winners based on total body fat percentage lost):

1) George F. – Barrie, ON: 81.1 lbs., 32.3% loss
2) Michael J. – Cranberry Township, PA: 53.4 lbs., 28.08% loss
3) Aleksandar J. – Hubbard, OH: 58.8 lbs., 25.48% loss
4) Tyler H. – Mount Joy, PA: 38.7 lbs., 22.74% loss
5) Alex W. – Toronto High Park, ON: 74 lbs., 22.43% loss
6) Trevor G. – New Richmond, WI: 47 lbs., 22.38% loss
7) Steve C. – Grand Forks, ND: 49.8 lbs., 22.29% loss
8) Matthew P. – New Bern, NC: 54.6 lbs., 22.14% loss
9) Michael B. – Grandville, MI: 62.6 lbs., 21.93% loss
10) Matt H. – Courtice, ON: 53.4 lbs., 21.85% loss

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the Lose Weight Challenge!

Finding the Perfect Workout Partner

By: Jodi Sussner, Director of Personal Training

There’s no question that working out with a buddy has its benefits.  Do a Google search of working out with a partner and you’ll see what I mean.  But, what if that workout buddy is sabotaging your efforts?  What’s better than a workout partner – but, the RIGHT workout partner. 


While finding a partner can be difficult, your time is worth it.  So is your commitment to your goals and your ability to achieve them – the right workout partner is invaluable!   I am a triathlete who does the bulk of training on my own.  Recently, a friend with a mutual drive for winning and I did a bike/swim workout together.  Our strengths, weaknesses, and mutual focus were so in-tuned that it inspired me to take another look at training with a partner.  It also forced me to question what I would really look for in a quality training partner.  After all, finding a great workout partner is like finding a great personal trainer – here’s how:


Choose a workout partner that has the same goals that you do

This might seem obvious but, you’ve got to really get down to the details on this.  It has to be more specific than, “you both want to lose weight”.  For example, if you are competitive in a sport, do you want to place in your age group or simply complete the event?


Choose a workout partner that is at the same fitness level

I’ve trained clients that are at completely different fitness levels and no matter how creative I get with their workouts, someone is always left either not getting enough or being pushed too hard.  The end result, someone is either left in the dust or left frustrated.  You don’t want a workout partnership to turn a friendship into a fight. 


Choose a partner with the same focus

This is different from having the same goal.  Often, a partner might have the same goal but, their level of commitment and focus to that goal are very different from yours.  Do they spend half the workout time dawdling or talking between sets?  This dips into your precious, focused time…move on!


Choose someone you can compete against (a little)

By choosing a workout partner that compliments your strengths and weaknesses, you will ultimately be helping each other more.   This partner pulls you where you are weak (for me in the triathlon, that would be the run – for my partner, I push her harder on the bike).  A little healthy competition can only make you better.  Maintain the balance or adjust to someone new.


Choose someone that you can count on and holds you accountable

They show up for training sessions, on time and ready to go – ensuring and motivating you to get yourself there as well.  If your training partner is a consistent canceller, don’t waste your time.


Now you are ready to hit the ground running and find the RIGHT workout partner for you! 

Ask the Trainer: Motivation to Stick With It

By: Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

Question: When I first started going to the gym, I went every day and really did well, and then the gym burned down. Now they've rebuilt it and I have no desire to go. What can get me motivated?


Answer: I have found over that years that the best way to get going is to just to force yourself to go for a couple days in a row. Once you get in the habit of not going it is easy to continue to not go. However, once you get your body used to going again and your endorphins kick in, you will feel better when you actually go. Commit yourself to the next week and you should see your motivation come back again!

Ask The Trainer: Developing a Routine

By: Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

Question: I just gave up a 20-year smoking, being lazy, drinking pop lifestyle three months ago. I'm 35 years old, 6'4" and 300 pounds. I've been working out and getting active, but have no real "core" or cardio yet. How do I gradually build both from nothing?


Answer: The best advice I can give you is to hire a personal trainer who can do an initial assessment with you and get you on the right track. In general however, you can begin with three days a week of cardiovascular exercise for 20 minutes and follow that up with a full body circuit where you are hitting every body part, also three days a week. Start slow and work your way up but be sure to get some help if you want to see results in the fastest way possible.

Ask the Trainer: Workout Intensity

By: Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

Question: I work out with a trainer once a week and he wipes me out. A couple times a week I try to do that same workout on my own, but I’m not nearly as tired when I do it on my own. Why is this? How can I make sure I’m pushing myself as hard as my trainer does?


Answer: This is a tough one. I don’t think it is possible to push yourself as hard without your trainer unless you have a workout partner as well. Think about what the trainer does for you. First, you get the knowledge you need to do the exercises correctly. Second, you have someone that holds you accountable for showing up and not missing workouts. Finally, you have someone who can push you through that pain and burn on your final repetitions that you won’t do on your own. If you can find a workout partner who can be on your routine and who will push you past your comfort zone on exercises, you will be ahead of the game. This is the main reason that many people use personal trainers and why many professional athletes are where they are today!

Ask the Trainer: Dehydration

By: Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

Question: How can I walk further and a little faster without getting so dehydrated?

Answer: You can’t really walk further and faster and stay hydrated because you are going to sweat more with the intensity and lose more water. You have two different options. One option is to ensure that you are properly hydrated prior to exercise. Make sure you drink a few glasses of water before your workout. The other option you have is to consider what a lot of cyclist and hikers do and get a Camelback water backpack. This backpack holds enough water to keep you hydrated on long rides, walks, or hikes. You have to have access to water during prolonged exercise especially in the heat to avoid dehydration.


Tips for the Final Week of the Lose Weight Challenge!

By: Chad Ruf, Director of Personal Training

Hello weight loss challenge participants. Congratulations on making it to the final week of the Lose Weight Challenge! It has been a long road so I want to give you some final tips on how to lower the scale in the final days:

Tip #1 - Limit your simple sugars. Try to stay away from candy or anything that is high in sugar. Sugar is a carbohydrate and excess carbohydrates tend to make you retain extra water weight. Limit your candy, fruit juice, regular soda, or anything that is full of empty sugar calories.

Tip #2 - Avoid heavy carbohydrates. Stay away from heavy morning cereals, pancakes, waffles, pasta, white bread, and potatoes. Think more green vegetables like broccoli, green beans, asparagus, and spinach. Try to focus on keeping your carbohydrates lower this week and adding higher protein foods.  If you do this you may see some additional water come off of your body.

Tip #3 - Don’t miss a workout day. You have made it this far in the challenge. Do not allow yourself to miss a single workout at this crucial time. You are almost there and the finish line is in sight. Focus, Focus, Focus!!!


Tip #4 - Get in a good workout prior to weigh-ins the final day of the challenge. Make sure not to eat a huge meal prior to weigh-ins and instead get a nice intense workout in. This may account for 1 – 3 pounds of water weight on the scale. Time it right so that you are on top of your game.

Try implementing one or all of these tips and you should see some minor changes in body weight before you do your final weigh-in this week!  

Best of luck and let’s see who is going to make the top 10!!!



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